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Friday, 16 November 2018

MALTA student visa is at your reach with OM INTERNATIONAL a Leading consultancy...!!!

Apply for Student Visa in Malta with Leading Institute OM INTERNATIONAL

Welcome, Om International will provide you with some advice and useful information when studying and living in Malta. In preparation for your visit, international inspire you to familiarize yourself with this guide which advice helpful checks you can make before traveling to Malta and how best to take care of yourself and your belongings during your visit.

About Malta

Malta is an archipelago with three main islands (Malta, Gozo, and Comino), located in the Mediterranean Sea, south of Sicily. Only the three main islands are inhabited. Its total area is 316 square kilometers. The islands consist of mainly low, rocky, flat dissected plains with many coastal cliffs, numerous bays, and good harbors. Valetta is the capital. Surrounded by water, Malta has a Mediterranean climate with mild, rainy winters and warm, dry summers. Annual rainfall is low, and generally, there’s lots of sunshine.

Why Study in Malta?

Malta is an ideal choice for students who want to combine study with tourism and leisure. One of the reasons why students get attracted to this tiny nation for purposes of education is that it has a uniqueness that is typical of many an island. There are three levels of education: primary, secondary, and tertiary (including higher and vocational training).
The education system in Malta is based on the British system. In primary and secondary, students can go to state, private/religious schools, or international schools. From 2018 students from 16 years old are allowed to work 20 hours per week in Malta while they are studying. 

The purpose of this new measure is to attract more people for studying programs in the country. If you intend to study and work in MaltaOm International Visa consultant will give you all the information you need.

A few considerations must be taken. Only students who will be in Malta for an initial period of at least 3 months will be able to apply for the Work & Study Visa as they can only work after their 90th day (3 months). 
Which means if your course lasts 4 weeks, you won’t be able to apply. In any case, the students will first be givens Student Visa. In other words, the wait for the processing of employment license in Malta takes from 4 to 6 weeks. 

This means that students can only start working from Week 13 (after their extension visa has been given). The license is granted for a maximum of 1-year visa. Over 1 year, the student has to apply for the residency permit and apply for a job through that scheme.

The student needs to find a job In Malta first (by himself/herself) and then s/he can apply for a work license which is issued for the duration of the validity of the visa. On the license, there will be the start and end date of employment, employee’s name, job status, and employer’s name. 

The license is only valid for the work and company that it has been issued for. A unique feature that comes to the fore is the acceptance of a third country language as a language that is taught, which will make the inhabitants of that country feel comfortable in Malta. 
This is evident in the acceptance of Mandarin Chinese that can answer apprehensions about Why to Choose Malta for higher study.

Universities in Malta

Most of the colleges and universities in Malta are clustered around capital Valletta, on the north-east coast of Malta Island.

The largest of these is the University of Malta, a publicly funded university which has around 11,000 students, including about 700 international students. The university’s main campus is in the harbor area of Msida, just to the west of Valletta. There’s also a smaller campus in Valletta and another on Gozo, the second largest of the Maltese islands.

The public university system in Malta also includes the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technologin Paola (just south of Valletta) and the Institute of Tourism Studies in St Julian’s (to the north-west).
Along with the University of Malta, all of these participate in the EU’s Erasmus exchange program and the Bologna Process for compatibility of higher education across Europe. The official teaching language is English, though international students are also encouraged to learn Maltese.


The arts have always played a significant role in Maltese culture. Cultural events occur frequently. Theater and music are extremely popular. Maltese food is traditionally the Mediterranean, using fresh, seasonal, and locally available produce and seafood. Today, an eclectic mix of dishes drawn from other cuisines, especially those of Sicily and Southern Italy, infuses traditional Maltese cuisine.  

A rich pattern of traditions, beliefs, and practices run through Maltese society and culture. The culture has evolved over time from adapting and assimilating diverse influences including Semitic, Latin European, French, and the British colonial legacy. 

The Latin European heritage command due to its ongoing influence over eight centuries and the fact that Malta contributes the religious beliefs, traditions, and customs of its Sicilian and Italian neighbors.

Life in Malta

Maltese historic venues are often hosting to outdoor theaters and concerts, and the vibrant calendar of Malta does not stop there. Annual events such as the three-month summer festival and the international jazz festival by floodlit Grand harbor in July also keep the Maltese occupied on their free time.

Nightlife is also very up and coming in Malta, Paceville and St Julian's are the center of the scene inviting DJ´s from all over the globe. For an extra special night out do not miss the summer fiesta providing your senses with fireworks, food, and fun all night long.

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Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Doors Open Wider To Canada For Immigrants...!!! OM INTERNATIONAL...!!!

Immigration to Canada set to Increase Government raises targets for 2021

OM INTERNATIONAL Visa consultant believes in customized and extensive services to our clients. Experienced professional visa and Immigration expert provides excellent counselling for Admission Opportunities, Visa Guidance, Immigration and Documentation Services. OM INTERNATIONAL Visa Consultancy has a highly trained, dedicated and hardworking team to give the best solution to Students and Immigration aspirants. OM INTERNATIONAL Visa Adviser has separate Departments such as IELTS/ PTE/ Spoken English Training, Counselling, Filing, and Operations & Quality Control to provide the Excellent Service to all our clients.

Immigration to Canada
The federal governments of Canada and the immigration authority, IRCC have decided to push open the doors for aspiring immigrants just that much wider by increasing the targets for new immigrants for the year 2021.  In an announcement made recently, the Immigration Minister for Canada, Mr. Ahmed Hussen stated that Canada intends to take an additional 40,000 immigrants in the year 2021 over and above the targeted figures for the current year

Immigration to Canada to be higher

Canada is expected to increase its target for new immigrants to around 350,000 new entrants, this makes up almost one per cent of the country’s entire population. The Minister announced these numbers on Wednesday as a part of the federal government’s latest plan for immigration levels which would covers the next three years. The target has risen every year from the current levels of 310,000 this year, which takes into account, all classes and categories of new immigrants arriving into the country. A vast majority of the immigrants are arriving under the various economic programs which have been designed to address skills shortages in the labour market.

Employment opportunities for immigrants in Canada

According to Minister Ahmed Hussen, economic immigration is the need of the hour as it is critical for many areas in the country to get more workers as they are facing a skewed demographic towards older residents that are out of the work force. These regions have a huge demand for new workers. The new immigration plan will bring in more people who are ready to join the work force and make Canada more competitive in the global economic market. The new immigration plan will enable the Canadian government to continue being competitive in the global sphere as well as enable Canada to present itself as a country that is welcoming to new arrivals as well as position itself as a leader in skills attraction

Canada provides settlement services for new immigrants

A number of immigration experts and economic groups have in the past asked for a higher target to be set for Immigration to Canada. The Canadian government’s economic advisory council had also suggested that the country admit 450,000 people in a report that was released in the year 2016. Mr Ahmed Hussen stated that the present government, headed by the Liberal party was taking a slow and steady approach to immigration, and making sure that the new arrivals were able to settle and integrate into the country with ease. New immigrants need access to housing and the right kind of settlement and integration services he said.

Immigrants to Canada will benefit from the increased funding for settlement service announced by the federal government. The Canadian government has increased its funding by 30 percent ever since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took office. The new immigration level will require even more funding and that is on the anvil. There are also plans for additional funding to support the dramatic increase in the levels of immigration to Canada.

To know more about Canada Immigration Process and how you can apply to become a Canadian resident, get in touch with our Immigration Consultants at OM INTERNATIONAL Consultancy.

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Monday, 12 November 2018

OM International Brings the top 10 Colleges and university across the globe...!!!

Top 10 Best Colleges and Universities to Study Abroad

OM INTERNATIONAL has become a renowned name in Student Visa and Immigration Service just in Gujarat. Excellence in delivering quality service with strong, ethical and reliable team of professionally experienced consultants. OM INTERNATIONAL Visa Consultant has made its name in the most prominent visa consultant in the country. We aim client satisfaction at first and utmost place. We are bridge between Immigration aspirants and the better future.
Professional team of highly experienced study and VISA consultant at OM INTERNATIONAL Student & Immigration Consultant personify your mission abroad. An experienced and certified Immigration consultant gives appropriate guidelines to take a leap in career and life. OM INTERNATIONAL career Consultant professionally trained consultant team delivering excellence through industry knowledge and vast experience. We deals in all type of Students Visa, Visitors Visa, Immigration, Dependent Visa and other services as well.

Favourite University for Study Abroad
While planning to Study Abroad the zealous students make some research to find out the colleges available and which university offers the programs that they are interested in, while some of them are worried about their Abroad Internships, wherever their graduation is pursued. The abroad internships often add spice to the dish making it more appetizing. Overseas Education is a carefully made choice, worked for years on their basic courses and often molds their future many more concerns are taken into consideration while choosing your favourite university for study abroad.

Here are the best Top 10 Colleges that fetch you the information you are looking for.
1.      Sloan Graduate School of Management, MIT, Business Analytics, USA
Ranked Top No.1 world’s Best University to graduate from, offering Masters in Business Analytics. The below factors are considered to be yardsticks to put this university on top. If Study in the USA is all you are dreaming for, here are the thoughts focused on the university.
·         Employability
·         Entrepreneurship and alumni outcomes
·         Return on investment
·         Thought leadership
·         Diversity
The class profiles constitute of students from different backgrounds with the variety of skills and experiences which make the MBA experience crucial. Some of the interesting topics are
·         Economic Analysis for Business Decisions
·         Energy Decisions Markets, Policies
·         Optimization Methods in Management Science
·         Global Markets National Politics Competitive Advantage of Firms and many more

2.      Mc Combs School of Business at the University of Texas, Austin:
Is dedicated to educating the tomorrow’s business leaders for the society. According to US News and World Report Mc Combs is regulated as one of the World’s Top Universities at undergraduate and graduate levels which brings out 6,000 business scholars every year creating a huge impact on the business world. If overseas education has been your dream and Study in USA is your current option then it is the best university you can opt for. The graduate and undergraduate programs offered are given below. There are doctoral programs as well.
·         MBA & Executive MBA
·         Master of Professional Accounting
·         Master of Science in Business Analytics
·         Master of Science in finance
·         Master of Science in IT Management
·         Master of Science in Marketing
·         Master of Science in Technology Commercialization
·         Bachelor of Business Administration
·         Honors Program
·         Business Foundations for Non-business Majors
·         Executive Education
·         PhD

3.      Marshall School of Business from the University of Southern California, USA:
Is working with a sole motive of helping students gain international perspective as they learn to explore in cross-cultural collaboration. The students seeking Overseas Education interact with and learn from executives in Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing, and Bangkok. This allows the Internships Abroad and the students will be assigned to the project which allows them to travel to further in research and completion of their assigned projects. The programs offered here are graduation and post graduation as well.
·         Accounting
·         Business administration
·         World bachelors in business
·         MBA’S and executive MBA
·         I bear MBA (Mid Career)
·         MBA for Working Professionals and Managers.
4.      The University of Minnesota, Carlson School of Management, USA:
Plays a key role in business education and research. The students are connected to unique experimental learning opportunities, dynamic international education programs, and business networks in and around the state. The graduate and Post Graduate Programs that include are
·         MBA,
·         Master of Accountancy,
·         Science in Analytics,
·         Master of Business Taxation, MBT,
·         Master of Finance,
·         MS Finance,
·         Master of Human Resources and Industrial Relations (MA-HRIR),
·         Master of Supply Chain Management (MS-SCM) and
·         A doctoral program as well.

5.      University of Melbourne Australia:
Is ranked top far outstanding reputation leading comprehensive research-intensive University and one of the world’s Top 50+ Study in Australia and choosing Melbourne University makes your career prospects brighter. Melbourne University in Australia boasts 160 years if history creating and mentoring World’s renowned business scholars offering bachelors and masters in the fields of
·         Agriculture,
·         Arts,
·         Commerce,
·         Science and
·         Business Analytics
Melbourne University is distinctive in research, learning, teaching and student engagement. It is ranked among the World’s Best Universities and maintaining the ranks stable
6.      Alliance Manchester Business School, UK:
Is the largest business school in terms of Campus in UK. It is ranked 38th in the World and 14th in Europe. Study in UK adds value to your career and particularly among the Universities in UK Alliance Manchester Business School has been rated as excellent for its teaching methodology and syllabus adopted by the UK government body HEFCE. The University concentrates on accounting and finance, innovation management and policy, Management Sciences and Marketing people management and organization. Study Abroad releases you into a world of opportunities and Study in UK proves your strong foundations in education. The undergraduate courses are Accounting, Information Technology, Management for Business – Next planned intake is in September 2019.
·         International Business, Finance and Economics
·         International Management
·         Management
·         Singapore Program B.Sc. (Honors)
·         Masters in Accounting and Finance
·         Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Policy
·         International Business
·         Marketing Operations and Business Analytics People,
·         Management and Organizations,
·         Health

7.      University of Warwick, UK:
Is a planet of Cosmopolitan student community. The university was ranked 7th in the UK for research Excellence Framework. Whether it is a Student, Lecturer or researcher, the unique approach of innovative agendas makes everyone follow the University. Those students who chose Study Overseas to choose this university to be their goal. The postgraduate courses that are offered in the University include
·         Cyber Security and Management
·         Engineering and Business Management
·         International Technology Management
·         Manufacturing Systems Engineering
·         Supply Chain & Logistics Management
·         Health Care Operational Management
·         International Trade Strategy and Operations
·         Program and Project Management
·         Sustainable Automotive Engineering
·         Business Management
·         Innovation & Entrepreneurship
·         Management for Business Excellence
·         Service Management and Design

8.      Eli Broad College of Business, Michigan State University, USA:
Every continuing year Eli Broad College of Business contributes 6000 business scholars who graduate and postgraduate, while some of them receive Doctorates from this University in various fields solving business problems globally, changing lives, mentoring leaders, impacting business positively and making difference. Eli Broad College of business consistently maintains its top rank among public business schools. Overseas education adds value to your career and Study in US connects the student to a team of renowned faculty brings out the best in every student from day one. The stories behind the top ranks speak volumes about the opportunities not seen anywhere else.
The programs offered in Eli Broad are undergraduate, Masters, MBA, Ph.D. and Certificate Programs. The different departments include
·         Accounting and information systems
·         Finance
·         Marketing Management
·         Supply chain Management
·         School of Hospitality Business

9.      Krannert School of Management, Purdue, USA:
Krannert School of Management strongly believes in setting up wide-ranging goals, facing the challenges, leveraging the opportunities with integrity. If Study in USA is all you are planning about, Krannert University is the one to be considered. The prioritizing objectives are globalization, assurance of learning, the impact of research, the importance of engaging with the business community and responsibility of business to promote and support social causes. These objectives reflect the fact that the organization and members of the business school strive to stay ahead of an expanding world economy and to serve in future global business community effectively.
Krannert school of Management provides approachable human resources with amazing goal exposure experience. This is one of those reasons Krannert continuously ranks high on Study-abroad opportunities.
10.  IE Business School Spain:
Offers Masters and MBA which was recognized by Global Rankings by Financial Times Rankings.Overseas Education adds fuel to the fire and the career shines brighter. The programs are tailored to meet the student’s personal and professional needs. IE management brings out the Entrepreneur in Student while perfecting the management skills
The courses offered are
·         Bachelor of business administration
·         Masters in management
·         MBA’s & Executive MBA
·         Masters in Finance
·         Doctoral programs
·         Executive education

OM InternationalOverseas Education Consultants are equipped with certified counselors who can guide you into a university that best suits you. Call us now or contact our team to make an appointment with our counselor.

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