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Monday, 18 March 2019

CANADA a planet for EDUCATION Abroad...!!! OM INTERNATIONAL...!!!

Top Universities in Canada to add value to your career!

OM INTERNATIONAL’s zealous team of dynamic, young and highly focused professionals works complicatedly to provide impeccable service to turn your dream to reality. Backed by the veteran solicitors and career counselors, OM VISA CONSULTANCY expert advisors comprehend your detailed objectives to offer tailor-made solutions as per individual needs. This dedication coupled with our customer centric approach has awarded us with a success of 5900 visas issued so far across 25 countries.
OM INTERNATIONAL education and Immigration consultant helps you prepare and submit applications of uncompromising quality, ensuring your candidature is as strong as possible. OM INTERNATIONAL CONSULTANT entire team is well-equipped with the in-depth knowledge through intensive weekly sessions that further helps them impart absolute quality service and updated information to you. OM VISA consultant’s actions resonates its unyielding commitment to serve you with excellence. It is their constant endeavor to make the entire immigration process not only prompt and result-oriented but also a hassle-free experience for you.

Reach new heights with education abroad in Canadian Universities

Students while studying graduation or after completing their undergraduate studies contemplate on which course to study further and where to pursue their post-graduation. When they have plans for overseas education, certainly students are bombarded with too many questions such as which country is best for overseas education, the courses and combinations, Top universities and accommodation. Canada earned its position among the best study destinations across the globe. The provinces in Canada where students mostly graduate with their study abroad program are British Columbia, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Ontario, and Quebec.

Canada is a multicultural nation in which almost all the nations find their communities inhabiting happily and making their living in this nation. There are many top-ranked universities in Canada that offer a number of Master’s programs abroad with many combinations of subjects. The undergraduate programs generally have a duration period of 3 to 4 years while post-graduation programs have one to 3 years. There are some fellow programs, associate degrees, and research programs which give a range of information and specialization of the subject, the student chooses to study abroad. There are science, technical, and arts colleges which are affiliated with the Universities in Canada. The term of intake, course fee, modules, syllabus, and structure may differ from one University to the other. However, every university and the colleges affiliated to it must follow the provincial or federal government authoritative rules and regulations. 26 universities in Canada occupied their respective places in QS World University Rankings. Undoubtedly Canada stands in the front line for the overseas education students.

Top Universities in Canada for Overseas education

Concordia University of Edmonton: Located in Alberta, Concordia University of Edmonton offers a broad range of bachelors as well as masters degrees from a variety of fields such as Arts, Science, Management, Education and Public Health. With a slogan ‘Go Beyond education’ Concordia University paves a way to learn about life for all students who choose to pursue an overseas education in this University.

McGill University: 
McGill University is located in Montreal and is Ranked 32nd among the Universities. Most of the noble laureates hail from this renowned university offers more than 300 undergraduate and graduate courses for the students. More than 25% of the 40,500 students in a year are international students who seek their foreign education at McGill University.

University of British Columbia: 
Known to the world as a center for research and teaching the University of British Columbia maintained its rank consistently among the Best 40 Universities in the world ever since it was started in 1915. Studying at UBC has always been challenging and innovative for the students leading to the latest discoveries and learning the new ways of exploring their respective specialties through study abroad program. It’s a pride of honor to announce that 199 companies spun off from the research programs carried out by UBC and 1,326 research projects are done partnering with industries, the UG and PG programs offered here are in the fields of Arts and Sciences, Creative and Critical Studies, Education, Applied Sciences, Health and Social Development, Management, Medicine and other graduate studies.

University of Alberta:
Located in Edmonton, University of Alberta is ranked among top 5 Universities in Canada and consistently maintains its place. There are enumerable graduate and postgraduate programs as well as leadership studies, visiting and short-term programs, exchange programs and open studies for the students to choose foreign education in Canada, at the University of Alberta. Scholarships are available for international students too.
List of other few universities is given below for the information of the students choosing Canada as their foreign

Education Destination.

1. Queen’s University of Kingston

2. University of Guelph

3. University of Toronto

4. McMaster University

5. University of Waterloo

6. Capilano University

7. University of Victoria

8. Royal Roads University

9. Emily Carr University of Art and Design

10. University of Fraser Valley

Study abroad programs at one of the Universities in Canada paves a red carpet for the underlying immigration program to Canada. If the student graduates from Canadian Universities, it adds a few additional points to the CRS Score, which helps the candidate to migrate to Canada which leads to Canada PR after 5 years in Canada.

If you are looking for Education in Canada, or the top universities in Canada, the process of obtaining study Visa, guidance for admission process into universities in Canada contact OM INTERNATIONAL Overseas Education and Immigration Consultantsheading with expert counseling team who can guide you with selecting a suitable program in your choicest university. Book your slot now for a consultation with our counselors.

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Friday, 15 March 2019

Study in USA for Degree with Higher salary with OM INTERNATIONAL…!!!

The Most Lucrative Degrees for Study in USA

India has been an active participant in the field of emerging global work force since past two decades and therefore evolving as an essential part of technologically well connected world. There is an increasing trend among Indians to rise above and look beyond national boundaries for growth and better career prospects.
Recognizing this rising need to provide assistance to continuously increasing outflow of Indian professionals, OM INTERNATIONAL was launched in 2001. OM International - EN ISO 9001-2008 certified company is an undisputed leader in the field of overseas education consultancy today. Initially, OM International as the name suggests used to assist students for education options in Canada and USA. Considering the growing interest of students in studying abroad, OM International introduced the education options in countries other than Canada, USA, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia and so on.
It’s a truth universally accepted and acknowledged that going abroad for your higher education can have many benefits. However, it is also universally accepted that college education can be extremely expensive, especially when you study in USA. Many students have to resort to financial aid and student loans to pay their way through. That’s one major reason why you need to take a close look at the future earning potential of the degree you are pursuing.

Top Earning Degrees for Studying In USA
At a broader level degree in STEM, accounting and humanities tend to be the most paying as well as most satisfying fields of study. STEM which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math is a constantly evolving field and students who pursue a course in any of these subjects, tend to not just get jobs with more earning potential but also more opportunities for career advancement. To make things easier we have put together a list of the top earning programs.

1. Information Technology and Computer Science
In the modern era of internet and rapidly evolving technology, persons who have an education in the IT field are becoming highly sought after and well-paid. IT consultants are called in to advise corporate clients on the best way to leverage information technology for meeting their business objectives and to address potential pitfalls. There are various other jobs opportunities for a major in IT systems and all of them are well paying.

2. Engineering studies
A degree in engineering can be one of the most lucrative courses when it comes to deciding on a study program. Specializations such as chemical engineering, petroleum engineering and nuclear engineering can further enhance your earning potential and provide you with a boost to your career.   Professionals with engineering skills tend to be most in demand in many countries, and if you earn your degree while you study in USA that will definitely increase your prospects for successful immigration at a future date.

3. Actuarial Science and Actuarial Mathematics
If you are very good with numbers and have a flair for mathematics, then Actuarial science can be a good option for you. Actuarial scientists work in fields related to accounting and finance. The primary job of an actuary is to assist their clients in understanding the risks associated in a business transaction to help them take better decisions.  Actuarial sciences are one of the most satisfying and highest paying degrees to take up when you study in USA.

4. Business management
An MBA program can be highly lucrative, especially if one studies at a top tier college in the USA. A degree in management can not only be highly paying but also a quick way to climb up the corporate ladder.

5. Economics degree
Economists are slated to play an important role, not just in the government but in many corporate companies as well.  Economists are hired to provide recommendations to their employers on how to streamline the business process for more optimization. The specialized nature of their skills makes them extremely sought after and guarantees a well-paying job to students who take up the subject in their post graduate courses.

6. Architecture
With cities expanding and a boom in infrastructure all over the world, there is a huge demand for architects. Architectural engineers have a firm background in math and science and apply these subjects in designing massive structures such as residential buildings, corporate buildings and bridges.  They need to find the perfect blend between functionality and design which makes their skills extremely valuable in the labor market.
To know more about study in USA gets in touch with our expert overseas education consultants at OM INTERNATIONAL, Vadodara, Gujarat.

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Tuesday, 12 March 2019

PTE Academic or IELTS Exam, Pick the Easiest to Ace your Desired Score!!!! with OM International...!!!

PTE Academic or IELTS Exam, Pick the Easiest to Ace your Desired Score!

OM INTERNATIONAL is the fastest emerging leader in the overseas education services. We offer comprehensive classroom training for tests such as IELTS™ and PTE. OM International partners with universities throughout the world to assist in test preparation, admissions and visa counselling thereby becoming the one stop solution for the students aspiring abroad education.
OM International center follows a uniform curriculum and has outstanding faculty, all of whom are trained with the same teaching standards by the master trainers.OM International has devised an Indian way of attacking these tests. OM have designed the most effective modules in math and verbal which have been responsible for the outstanding results that our students have produced on these tests. This has been possible due to the small batch sizes, which ensures personalized attention to each student.

Know the Details of the PTE & IELTS Tests in a Differential Manner and Choose the Best!
If you are a Non- English speaker or hailing from non-native English speaking nations, and still aim to move to other nations through immigration or for the purpose of education abroad, then this blog is a must read for you. Because, most of the nations who are inviting immigrants to their land or for students who prefer foreign education have the English language proficiency test to stream line the applicants. Gaining a credible score is one of the eligibility criteria. So it is good to be aware of what each test offers the test taker, which one is preferable according to your mind makeover!

Simple pattern for PTE Academic which gains the best score
The mock tests in PTE Academic help you score better in the real test which actually is the desired result. If the test-taker attempts a few mock tests prior to attempting the real PTE Academic and gets familiarized with the patterns of the test and could quickly recollect as to which one comes next, then it is much easier to attain a good score than IELTS. In listening description the poor grammar and grammatical errors will cut down the marks apart from wrong answers. IELTS listening in detail, in the multiple choice questions, multiple answers should be selected where there could be even more than 2 answers. If the test-taker does not select the appropriate answers, then the test-taker loses marks. Matching skills require a lot of understanding in which the audio may be of different accents.

Listening test in PTE Academic, Audio, Video make the score easy to secure
Plan, map, diagram, labelling tasks require assess the understanding and precise writing skills are tested in IELTS listening. In the sentence completion task if more than stated words are given by the test-taker it leads to losing marks.  In the writing task test-takers should not exceed the limit of the given words, while answering without contradicting the views given in the question. The extra words exceeding the limit or words falling short of the given count may lead to cut down the score.

PTE Academic Speaking test – The most comfortable method
Most often the test-takers are more comfortable taking the speaking test in front of a computer then being evaluated manually. PTE Academic evaluation is fair as it is evaluated by algorithm based which does not count attire, expressions and body language, making an impression on evaluator affecting the scores.
Familiarizing with the simple pattern of PTE Academic scores the desired result with few mock tests done. On the other hand, IELTS though prepared really well, one may not attain the desired scores because the evaluation is manual. The IELTS Exam may take 15-to 20 days to announce the results. But PTE Academic will not be so. Within 6 hours after the test the results are awarded, which makes a way for the test-taker to decide if they want to proceed with the given scores or can actually take another test without wasting their precious time.

To know more about PTE Academic and IELTS Exam and the best IELTS Test Centres, PTE Coaching Centre in Vadodara with the slots available and the tips and techniques as well, OM INTERNATIONAL is well known consultants who have certified with expert counselling team, who can assist in study visa process and guidance for immigration purposes.

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Thursday, 7 March 2019

OM INTERNATIONAL Brings Best Universities in Germany...!!!

The Best Universities in Germany for International Students

Om International Visa Consultancy was established with the primary aim of recruiting and placing students in top universities in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada and many countries in Europe. A leading name in education counselling and study abroad consultancy, Om International offers a holistic guidance towards selecting the best course at the right university in the most suitable country based on the students’ aptitude and aspirations.
To provide the most transparent, honest and efficient services network for prospective students and the institutions we represent. Our counsellors use personal interviews, counselling sessions, interest and aptitude assessment tests to evaluate and advice students and utilize this data to create a multi-year strategic plan which includes calendars for testing, recommendations for coursework, activities, summer experiences, community service and internships.

Study Abroad in Germany, the Most Popular Destination
Germany is by and large one of the most popular destinations for students aspiring to Study Abroad, and has been proclaimed by a number of studies as one of the most supportive countries for study abroad. Germany is one of the least expensive countries to study abroad, as international students do not have to pay extra fees as in other countries such as USA, and a number of universities do not charge any fees for tuition altogether. Moreover, the increasing instance of English as the medium of instruction for courses in Germany has also contributed to the steadily growing popularity of Germany as a Study Abroad Destination.

There is a large number of Universities in Germany with a great proportion of them being ranked in the top 100 universities in the world. Germany offers quality education in diverse fields of study for students aspiring to Study Abroad. We present a list of five best universities in Germany for International Students, which will help you achieve your career goals through study abroad.

Freie University of Berlin
The Freie University of Berlin or Freie Universität Berlin, as it is locally known, is a top-ranking research university and is the largest research university in the City of Berlin. The university has an open and friendly policy towards students who come to Study Abroad at the university. Freie University was ranked at the 87tposition on the QS World University Rankings in 2018 and has formed partnerships with India, United States, Belgium, Russia, China, and Egypt, where it has opened its branch offices which enable it to more easily recruit students from these countries.

Heidelberg University
Heidelberg University was founded in 1386 and is one of the oldest Universities in Germany. The university which is ranked 55th in the world is renowned for its programs in Science and has more than 20 percent of its student body comprised of students who came to Study Abroad at the university. Moreover, more than 60 percent of the doctoral students in the university are from overseas.

Humboldt University of Berlin
Humboldt University in Berlin is a full-fledged research institute that provides opportunities for students who Study abroad at the university to work with faculty that is world renowned in diverse fields such as quantitative economics, history, and climate and sustainability research. This university is one of the favorite destinations in Germany for students who are interested in research. The university, which is one of the oldest in Berlin, has 10 percent of its student body arriving here for study abroad from other countries.

Technical University Munich
Technische Universität München, (TUM) is Germany’s highest ranked university in the world with a ranking of 60th position worldwide. The university is home to more than 5,000 international students who come to Study Abroad in Germany, which makes up 16 percent of its student body. The university is renowned for its courses in engineering and has formed partnerships with prestigious universities such as MIT, Stanford, Georgia Tech and Cornell as well as many universities in Europe and Asia.

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
LMU was placed at 60th position in QS world university rankings and has 15 percent of its student body made up of students who come to Germany to Study Abroad. The university has courses for both under graduation and Post-Graduation in more than 100 fields of study and has started introducing more classes in English in order to cater to students who come from other countries.

To know more about how to Study Abroad in Germany, get in touch with our Consultants at OM International Study and Immigration consultant at Vadodara, Gujarat, and the Most Trusted Overseas Education Consultant in India.

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Sunday, 3 March 2019

Step Abroad with OM INTERNATIONAL with Confidence....!!!

Get Tips on Immigration Visa Interview
Established in 2000, OM INTERNATIONAL is the Gujarat’s prominent consultant in the field of Study Abroad, Immigration, Business and Work Visa Organization.
Om International Visa Consultant is a specialist Study Abroad/Visa/Immigration consulting firm and association of experts in Canada, UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Europe visa solutions. We have a well earned reputation in India, for providing clients with effective and practical genuine advice. We are committed to provide quality and efficient service.
Om International constantly monitors developments in immigration law and use state-of-the-art technology for research, client communications and case management.

Immigration Interview Do’s & Don’ts
Immigration is a question that arises in the minds of most if not all Indians. Whether they ultimately opt to immigrate or not, most Indians do consider the option of Immigration. There may be many factors that deter a person from immigrating, but one of the main factors is fear of the interview which is mandatory in most cases of immigration, irrespective of the country to which one wishes to Immigrate. Especially for countries like USA and UK many immigration categories stipulate an interview with a consular officer as a final check for approval. As the final decision to grant or reject a Visa lies in the hands of the consular officer, it is important to approach the interview with caution. We present a list of general do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when attending an interview for a Visa. 
What to do when attending an interview for Immigration
1.      Prepare in advance for the meeting with the officer for immigration. Make sure that you have all the required documents and are ready to answer any questions that the immigration officer can ask you. One way to prepare is to take the help of Immigration Consultants like OM INTERNATIONAL who will guide on the required documentation and also conduct mock interviews to give you confidence.
2.      Be sure to arrive on time. Remember that the Immigration Officers have to interview hundreds of people on the same day and you risk losing your chance at the interview if you arrive late for it.
3.      Answer all questions that are asked by the Immigration Officer politely and truthfully
4.      Follow the directions of the officer of immigration at the consulate authority. Do not refuse to follow his instructions.
5.      Answer the questions clearly and concisely. Do not elaborate or evade the question asked by the Immigration Officer
6.      You can bring an interpreter with you, in case you do not speak English for US and UK consulates, check with the immigration website whether an interpreter would be allowed for other consulates.
7.      Remain calm and poised during the interview. In case there is a question that you cannot comprehend then, it is perfectly ok and within your rights to ask them to repeat or rephrase the query.
8.      If you do not know the answer to any question asked during the Immigration Interview then it is best to admit it straight away rather than provide a made up answer. Providing false information can get you into trouble and cause your visa to be rejected.
9.      Take the help of an Immigration Consultant such as OM INTERNATIONAL Visa consultancy to help you with the entire process of applying for a Visa.

What you must avoid during the interview for immigration
While the above steps delineated the dos of attending an Immigration Interview, it is also important to avoid the following usual errors when attending the interview
1.      It is extremely important to avoid the use of humor during the interview. Many novice applicants make an attempt at humor to deflect from their nervousness, but this is definitely not a good idea. The immigration officers do not take kindly to jokes or sarcasm, especially those about illegal activities the best course to follow is to steer clear of any kinds of jokes.
2.      Avoid arguing with your family members or spouse during the interview. If you feel that contentious questions may arise during the course of your interview then discuss beforehand on what your answer will be.
3.      Also, avoid arguing with the immigration authority. Remember the officer is only doing his duty in asking you certain questions and there is no point in picking an argument with the officer.
4.      Avoid lying or resorting to subterfuge when answering the questions posed by the immigration officer.

We understand that Immigration Interviews can be stressful and at OM INTERNATIONAL, we are here to help you achieve your dream of Immigration. For free counselling reach out to one of our consultants at OM INTERNATIONAL, VADODARA, the Best Immigration Consultant in VADODARA.

So Contact Today To Start Career Path,

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Om International have 100% Success Ratio till now with Expertise of 17 years.
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