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Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Study At the best Colleges in Germany with OM INTERNATIONAL...!!!

Study in Germany – Tips for Selecting the Right University

OM INTERNATIONAL Consultant is established to be an ultimate choice for students who wish to enrich their academic career by studying overseas in top global institutions. Its sole objective is to provide impeccable guidance to students, by simplifying the process. OM INTERNATIONAL Career Consultant gives individual attention to each student, guiding them in every step of the process. No wonder, all our students refer their friends.OM INTERNATIONAL Visa expert make sure that once student gets visa, he / she settles down well in the country. We keep in touch with our students abroad, so that we continue to support them, whenever required.

Germany is slowly emerging as one of the most popular destinations for students from all over the world.  More number of students is showing an interest in Study in Germany over the recent years. Hitherto students had only shown an interest in studying in destinations such as USA and Canada; however it is important to know the right points to consider when selecting a university in Germany.

Points to consider for study in Germany

1. Select your University

The first thing that a student needs to consider is to zero in on the course and the university he wishes to apply for.  Germany has more than 2011 courses available for international students at universities situated across the country.

2. Select the language of your course

Most courses in Germany are taught in both English and German. If you have studied German as a part of your schooling and are up for the challenge of learning in a new language, by all means go for studying in German. However most international students prefer to get the best of both worlds by opting for a high standard German course in a language you are comfortable with.

3. Look at the ratings of the university

It is important for students who will apply to Study in Germany, to check the ratings as well as the rankings of the university that they are planning to apply to. It is well worth knowing the conditions of the classroom as well as other infrastructure. There are a number of independent agencies as well as government websites that provide students with details about the study conditions in different universities in Germany.

4. Consider the Location of university

One of the most important factors in your choice of a university in Germany would be the location. If you are a student from India, then you would want to apply for universities in cities like Berlin or Cologne where there is a sizable Indian community and you would be able to procure Indian food without much trouble.

5. Consider the Admission intake period

In Germany, different universities have different intake periods. Some universities accept new students only for the summer semester, while others do so only for winter. Some universities even accept students for both the semesters. It is important to check when your preferred university will accept you for admission before you apply. You also need to have a clear idea about admission requirements as well as deadlines so that you can apply in advance.

6. Take a look at the costs and funding options.

The cost of tuition as well as the cost of living while you pursue your course of Study in Germany would be a major factor in deciding which university you want to go with.  The cost of tuition can be offset by choosing to go with public universities, which offer free tuition. But even in this case you would need to bear incidental expenses such as cost of books, rent costs, groceries and other living expenses. You also will need to check if any financial aid is available from banks or the university itself. If you are an outstanding student and can prove your merit with superior scores then you can apply for a DAAD scholarship or a university scholarship to help ease the burden on your purse-strings.

For more information on applying to a German university, reach out to our expert overseas education consultants at OM INTERNATIONAL.

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Monday, 1 April 2019

US F1 Visa process by OM International...!!!

Application Process and Best Interview Tips for US F1 Student Visa

At OM INTERNATIONAL, We believe in customized and extensive services to our clients. Experienced professional visa and Immigration expert provides excellent counselling for Admission Opportunities, Visa Guidance, Immigration and Documentation Services. We have a highly trained, dedicated and hardworking team to give the best solution to Students and Immigration aspirants. We have separate Departments such as IELTS / PTE/ Spoken English & Personality Development Training, Counselling, Filing, and Operations & Quality Control to provide the Excellent Service to all our clients.

F1 Student Study Visa

As a foreign student coming to the US, there is a US student Visa that you could be granted which popular known as F1 Visa. This F1 visa also allows you with the possibility of doing the job in the US during your stay. You need to get familiar with this type of visa; how it impacts your financing while you live in the US and how to go through the application and arrival process.

F1 Student Visa

An F1 visa is granted to foreign students who intend to attend the education program or English language program at a US college or university. F1 Students should maintain the least course load for status as a full-time student. They could live in the US  up to the period of two months beyond the duration of time it takes to conclude the educational program unless they have applied and been approved to live and work for a period of time under the OPT Program.

F1 students are expected to conclude their Education in the US by the expiry date on their I-20 form which is provided by the US University or college that the student has been accepted to and would attend.

F1 Visa Qualifications

To qualify, applicants are required to satisfy and prove many criteria during an interview for F1 Visa which includes the following:

Overseas Residence – F1 applicants should have an overseas residence and should intend to return there after completing their education.

Sponsoring institution – While on your F1 visa, you might only pursue Education in US college through which the visa is issued.

Financial Assistance – Applicants should show that they have got enough funds to support their Education in US.

Ties to Home Nation- All applicants should show that they have got strong ties with their home nation.

Applying for a US F1 Visa

Admission Pre-requisites

Different universities have got different admission policies. Your university would tell you what they require to decide if you are educationally eligible. Among other criteria, you would require showing the college that you have got enough funds to assist yourself while studying without having to work and you might also have to show health insurance to cover any medical expenses. Once the university has decided that your application is complete and you are eligible, they would issue you an I-20 form so that you can go ahead to apply for your Student Visa.

How to apply for a Visa

Any foreign student who seeks to Study in USA would require getting a Student Visa. The general process flow for availing a visa is as follows:

F1 Visa Cycle

Get Accepted at a SEVP Approved College

Before you could apply for your Student Visa, you should apply to and get accepted by a college approved by Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP).

Pay your SEVIS Fee and Get your I-20

Once you are accepted, you would need to pay the SEVIS I-90 in order to get enrolled in the SEVIS. Then, your college would provide you with a Form I-20. This form should be submitted to consulate officer at the time of visa interview.

Complete your Visa Application

Applying for Student Visa might vary depending on the embassy or consulate you are dealing with. You would need to pay a non-refundable visa application fee. Also, complete and take a printout of DS-160 form to take to your visa interview.

Where to Apply for your US F1 Visa

Applicants for the Student Visas should usually apply at the US Consulate and Embassy. This would normally be in your home nation, the nation in which you live. Although visa applicants might apply to the US consular office overseas, it might get more difficult to qualify for the visa outside the nation of permanent residence.

Things to provide with your Application

Although the process might vary or need extra steps, depending on your nation and consulate or embassy, you would require the following when applying for your Student Visa.

Application fee – You would have to pay a non-refundable application fee. It means that if your visa does not approve, you would not get your money back.

Form DS-160 – All applicants would require filling up and sending the DS-160, the online application for Non-Immigrant Visa.,/p>
Form DS-157 – A DS-157 form for all males who age is between 16-45.
Valid Passport – A passport valid for travel to the States and with the validity date of minimum six months beyond your intended duration of living in the United States. If over one person is added to the passport, every person who desires a visa should make an application.

Photographs – You could upload a photo that should be in color, it should be taken within previous six months to reflect your present appearance. The photo should be taken in front of a plain white or other light background. The photo should be taken in with full face view with the face directly facing the camera. The photo should have a neutral facial expression with both eyes should be open. The photo should be taken in normal clothes.

Visa Interview

Visa interview would be needed to decide whether or not you are qualified to get a Student Visa. You must arrive at the interview place with all the documents and receipts that are required, and you must be well prepared to respond personal queries about your decision to Study in US.

Visa interview queries often include inquiries related to your education qualification and choice of university. You might need to prove that you have ties and responsibilities that would guarantee your return to your home nation after your Foreign Education. Most significantly, you would need to prove that you have got enough funds to finance your education. Education expenses in the country are quite high and presenting a strong financial plan for your duration of education is important to pass your visa interview.

If approved, you might need to pay a visa issuance fee. Electronic fingerprint scans would be taken for to maintain the record. Your passport would be taken to issue the visa, and you would be informed when you could get it back, either through pickup or through the mail.

You just need to keep in mind that the issuance of a visa is not guaranteed. Do not make any ultimate traveling plans unless your visa gets approved. If in case your visa is denied, you would be provided with a valid reason on what basis your application was denied.

Maintaining a valid F-1 status after your arrival

After your visa is approved, you are able to enter the country as a foreign student. However, after your arrival, you would require being aware of your obligations as a visa holder. If you do not maintain your valid visa status, you would not be permitted to return or re-enter the country and if you leave the country you would not get entitled for practical OPT or CPT program.

Tips to assure you are in good standing with your study abroad

After Arrival

Make sure you arrive in the country not more than one month before your first day in college. Check in with your Foreign Adviser as soon as possible prior your program starts.

During your Study Program

You should stay enrolled full time. You are required to attend the classes and maintain passing grades. If you got any difficulty in the class, inform your Foreign Adviser. If you are not able to conclude your education program by the date which is listed in your Form I-20, your foreign adviser could assist you in requesting an extension in your education program.

Your passport must be valid for minimum six months. Your nation’s embassy or consulate could assist you in extending your passport if required.
Working while studying

Students are not permitted to work off-campus. You might have got some on-campus or options of curricular practical training if you get qualified. Check with your foreign adviser to see if there is a possibility for you.

After completion of Study Program

You have got two months after completion of your education program to leave the United States under your visa. To stay in the country, you would require re-enrolling in any education program, transferring to another college to get a fresh I-20 form, or applying to change the status of your visa. Your foreign adviser could give you more details, regarding your options.

If you are looking to Study in US, it is recommended that you go with a company that has got years of experience in the US Education process. OM International is one of the Best Overseas Education Consultants in Gujarat that helps you in your US Education process.

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Thursday, 28 March 2019

Study In UK and Learn the skills for success through OM International...!!!

Study In UK
OM INTERNATIONAL has become a renowned name in Student Visa and Immigration Service not just in Gujarat But in the United Kingdom as well. Excellence in delivering quality service with strong, ethical and reliable team of professionally experienced consultants. OM INTERNATIONAL Visa Consultancy has made its name in the most prominent visa consultant in the country. We aim client satisfaction at first and utmost place. We are bridge between Immigration aspirants and the better future.
Professional team of highly experienced study and VISA consultant at OM INTERNATIONAL personify your mission abroad. An experienced and certified Immigration consultant gives appropriate guidelines to take a leap in career and life. Our professionally trained consultants team delivering excellence through industry knowledge and vast experience. We deals in all type of Students Visa, Visitors Visa, Immigration, Dependent Visa and other services as well.

UK Education Consultants
The UK education system is amongst the oldest in the world. Students who study in UK can get to learn at historical universities which have been set up by the royal family of Great Britain or by a Papal decree from the Catholic Church. Universities in UK comprise of a number of different faculties and colleges, each of which confer degrees in various subjects to students.

Features of UK education system
The education system follows a unique approach which is distinct from the one followed by universities in USA
1. Students who study in UK are expected to complete their course and earn their degrees in three or four years
2. If the student successfully completes all course requirements within three years then he is awarded an honors degree
3. Students who do exceptionally well while earning their honors degree are given first class honors, followed by second, upper second, lower second and third
4. Students from India who study in UK will find it easy to adjust with the mode of studying as it is similar to the education system in India
5. Students can opt for pursuing degree in a single subject or a combination of subjects which results in a dual degree
6. Universities in UK are of three types- Collegiate universities, city universities and campus universities.
 1.Collegiate universities have a number of different colleges run by a single university
 2.City universities have their buildings within the city and are spread out over different locations in the city
 3.Campus universities are located on large multi acre campuses on the outskirts of a city
Benefits of study in UK
1.      You can study in the best and most prestigious universities in the world
The United Kingdom boasts of some of the most prestigious and historical university campuses in the world. Studying at these campuses will enable you to harness the foundations of a rich and varied educational system that dates back several centuries
2.      A degree from the United Kingdom can add a lot of weight to one’s resume
The United Kingdom educational system with its focus on research and practical know how, has earned itself a reputation for graduate employability.  When you study in UK, your educational qualifications are recognized all over the world and help you in your career.
3.      You can work while you study in UK
The United Kingdom allows students to work while you study for an undergraduate or post graduate course in the country. You can work for up to 20 hours a week when the academic session is in progress
4.      There are excellent research facilities for students studying in multiple courses
The United Kingdom is one of the best countries for research infrastructure as well as research output. A number of award winning research projects have emerged from universities in the UK. As a student pursuing research you will have significant advantage when you study in UK
5.      Students can study in dual degree programs
The United Kingdom allows students to study in joint dual degree programs. The advantage of a dual degree program is that it allows you to explore two subjects in one degree program. For example students could take up a dual degree in product engineering and financial management or art history and architecture
Scholarships for study in United Kingdom
There are a number of scholarships for UK students who are interested in studying in United Kingdom
1.      Rhodes Scholarship – offered to students pursuing Post graduate programs at Oxford – awarded to exceptional international students – covers full cost of study at Oxford including airfare, tuition fees, books, visa fees, accommodation and living expenses for duration of the stay
2.      Gates Cambridge Scholarships – offered to international students pursuing full time post graduate course at University of Cambridge – covers cost of tuitions, airfare, living expenses and
3.      Chevening Scholarships – awarded to students from India and other eligible countries – covers cost of tuition, airfare and accommodation
4.      Commonwealth Masters Scholarships – Intended for international students from developing countries  – covers airfare, tuition fees, exam fees, personal allowance, thesis grant allowance arrival allowance and more
5.      Edinburgh Global Research Fellowship – awarded to students who pursue PhD at University of Edinburgh – covers the difference between fees charged to resident students and international students for any subject
6.      Bristol University International Office Scholarship – awarded to five selected international students studying for a Bachelor’s degree at Bristol University – selected students are awarded 8500 GBP in cash towards their tuition fees
7.      University of Sussex’s Chancellor’s international fellowship – awarded to international students who have demonstrated exceptional academic performance and are pursuing full time Master’s program at University of Sussex – covers 50 percent of tuition fees for international students for one year
8.      University of Westminster International Scholarships – awarded to international students from India and other developing countries who pursue a full time post graduate program from the University of Westminster –covers full tuition fees, airfare to and from London, accommodation and living costs
9.      Developing Solutions Scholarship at University of Nottingham – awarded to international students studying at University of Nottingham and hailing from developing countries – covers full tuition fees for top 30 students and 50 percent of fees for 75 students out of a total of 105 scholarships that are granted each year

How to apply for studying in UK
1.      Students who aim to pursue their abroad education in UK need to make their applications through the UCAS system
2.      You can apply to only four universities if you are choosing to study in a medical course and five universities if you are opting for a course that is not related to the medical field.
3.      You will need the following for your application

1.      Transcripts of your records from all previous schools that you have attended
2.      A personal essay of around 4000 words or less explaining your reasons to apply and be accepted as a student
3.      Proof of English language proficiency – scores of either IELTS or TOEFL
4.      Some universities ask their applicants to appear for an entrance test to shortlist prospective students
5.      Some universities such as Oxford and Cambridge will also ask you to appear for an in-person or telephonic interview before finally accepting you to the university

OM INTERNATIONAL abroad education consultants are equipped with over a decade of experience in understanding the nuances of the UK university system and admissions and student visa process. Rely on the expertise of our consultants for a hassle free abroad education experience in UK.

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Monday, 25 March 2019

OM International Brings Canada Employment Figures raise Driven by Express Entry...!!!

Canada Express Entry – Immigration Thrives As 67,000 New Jobs Are Created

OM International is one of the leading names in India’s visa and immigration sector. We, a team of visa & immigration consultants with a decade of experience and expertise in all types of visa documentation laid the foundation of OM INTERNATIONAL Career Adviser with a strong aim- to bring about a shift in how people perceive immigration by offering a hassle-free visa process.  Since our establishment, every client that has knocked our door for a visa service has left happy and satisfied because we know what one exactly expects when they think of visa consultants-someone who could be entrusted for the process and serves the right value for the investment made.
For the dedicated services, client appraisal & success of visas, OM International is The Best Option to fulfil your Dreams.

Canada immigration through Canada Express Entry and other avenues has been the topic of much debate among conservatives who have maintained that it will create more unemployment. However, to the surprise of many pundits, the economy continued to grow stronger and unemployment figures have actually gone down, with new jobs being added at a rate that is far greater than that expected by economists.
The total number of new full-time employment positions added in the period under survey was greater than the net figure of jobs, with more than 67,000 new jobs being added. 

Canada Immigration Leads The Uptick In Employment Figures
A significant proportion of these jobs have been registered as a result of workers who have opted for Canada immigration under a non-skilled visa, upgrading their skills during their stay and moving from a part time to full time position. This has resulted in more jobs offering higher salaries and stable income.

In spite of the currently prevailing debate in political circles. Immigration continues to be one of the vital issues in Canada’s federal election that is to be held this year. Though both Liberal and Conservative party leaders acknowledge the importance of immigration to Canada’s economy, Conservative Party leader, Andrew Scheer does not see eye to eye in all the aspects of immigration with the current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who advocates a strongly pro-immigration stance. However, given that as it may, the fact cannot be denied that immigrants are one of the major contributors to the strengthening of the Canadian economy and as such all political parties are likely to encourage immigration in some measure or the other.

Employment trends among people who immigrate through Canada Express Entry and other visa pathways have shown that immigrants who arrived in Canada in the past decade reported a month-on-month decline of 0.2 percentage points in the month of February with the new total unemployment figure now standing at 6.8 percent.

Continent wise, immigrants from Asian, African and American countries saw a greater reduction in unemployment levels when compared to immigrants from Europe. Overall the employment level for the month of Feb 2019 rose by 327,000, which is precisely 1.8 percent over employment in January 2018. The year on year change for the month of February also saw a positive increase of 2 percent over the corresponding month the previous year as 369,100 new jobs were added.

This continuing trend highlights the importance of the Canada Express Entry system and the role it plays in the Canadian economy.

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Om International have 100% Success Ratio till now with Expertise of 17 years.
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