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Monday, 31 August 2015

OM International Europe visas......


OM International Present you the opportunity to settle down in Europe with your family...






Single Applicant – DKK 6485 / Euro 870  for case ID paid online
Dependent          – DKK 2095 each for case ID paid online
Denmark Green Card Application Fee
Single Applicant - INR 12850  app.
Dependents        - INR 12850 app. each
Verification Charges
Single Applicant – INR 7304 app
Dependent          – INR 2107 app each ( subject to change )
Om International- Vadodara's leading immigration consultant for Immigration visas, Student visas, Visitors visa, Partner visa, Business visas and family settlement visa across the globe....

Funds :

Given below is the current maintenance requirement:
·         DKK 5,367 for persons under the age of 25 living alone
·         DKK 6,472 for persons over the age of 25 living alone
·         DKK 5,367 per person for spouses or cohabiting partners
·         DKK 1,342 per child for married or cohabiting parents
·         DKK 1,619 per child for single parents

Come and meet our professional staff for a one on one discussion or 
kindly mail your resumes for initial assessment. Free of cost assessment.

Processing charges apply.

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Friday, 28 August 2015

OM International Vadodara's leading immigration and student visa consultant presents you with a great opportunity to fly to United Sates on Student Visas.



OM International Vadodara's leading student visas and immigration consultant with over 15 years of experience in immigration to Canada, Immigration to USA, Immigration to Australia, Student visa to USA, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Europe and around the globe Visitors visa.
Also come and visit our highly professional staff for guidance for work permit to different countries including work permit to gulf, work permit to Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai etc...

ECPI University Highlights

Friendly and knowledge professionals to help you

Hands-on interactive learning

Small class sizes and individualized attention

Externships to help prepare you to “hit the ground running”

Good placement track record

Affordable tuition fees

Low cost of living

NACES evaluation only required for admission

Career Opportunity

OM International professional staff will guide you from choosing a course to the visa part and also brief you on the pre-departure to your chosen destination.

Throughout the year employers come to campus for recruitment at least 90 times

Campus hosts 2 career fair annually attracting 40-50 employers

Our career service staff is in constant communication with number of companies, over 85% of graduates are employed in their field of study after graduating

Some of the companies which recruit from our campus Hewlett-Packard(HP),Schlumberger,Cannon,Cox Communication,FBI,FBB,NN Shipyard,Perdue,Gelco,Xerox,Aramark,DoD to name a few.

Main Programme Offered

Beholders` in
Information Technology
Masters` in
Information Technology
$59,000(3 years)

$26,100(2 years)
7 to 8 Lakhs Yearly
Length of course
3 Years
2 Years

12th - 60%
B.Tech,eee,ECE – 60%
Not More Than 10 Backlogs
Application Fee

OM International will give you the best guidelines to make a successful career in  your field of interest.
We have made careers of over 5000 students over the span of 15 years and still continuing......

Other Programmers

Undergraduate Program

Cloud Computer
Database Programming

Health care IT

Network Security

Simulation Game Programming

Electronics Engineering

Mechanical Engineering


Business Administration

IT Management


For more queries, please call @ 9227656616/06/98241 63366 or email your CV for Free Immigration Assessment : info@omvisas.in or omvishal.shah@gmail.com

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

OM International - Vadodar's leading immigration consultant brings you opportunity to settle in Canada ...

U.S. And Canadian Immigration Policies - A comparison

OM International - Canada Visa specialist providing services over 15 years in the field of immigration Visas, Student Visas, Visitors Visa, and Business Visas.  
The immigration landscape of North America is constantly changing. Canada and the United States, to a large extent, followed parallel trajectories in the earlier parts of their immigration histories. Both countries initially drew principally on migrants from the British Isles and Europe, before expanding their catchment area to other regions of the world. Over time, however, Canadian and U.S. immigration policies have diverged in significant ways. Immigration issues are in the news in both countries these days, perhaps more so than usual. Canada is in election mode, with many new Canadians expected to vote for the first time. Meanwhile in the United States, a combative Republican Presidential nominee contest, led by the enigmatic Donald Trump, has placed immigration policy to the fore. But what are we really talking about when we talk about immigration? How does Canada differ from the U.S.? This article will present five fundamental ways in which Canadian immigration policy is different from that of the U.S.

1.       Canada favour’s economic immigration.

Around two­ thirds of new Canadian permanent residents arrive through economic immigration programs. In contrast, only 16 percent of new Green Card holders (lawful permanent residents, or LPRs) in the U.S. arrive through economic immigration categories. Politicians and commentators in other countries continually point to Canada’s points ­based economic immigration as a shining example of a positive, open immigration strategy that creates opportunities for newcomers and Canadians alike.
Sources: Department of Homeland Security, Citizenship and Immigration Canada. U.S. figures are for 2013. Canadian figures are projected for 2015.

2.        There is no Diversity Lottery in Canada, but Canada has the Express Entry pool

The Diversity Immigrant Visa program, also known as the Green Card lottery, is a lottery program for receiving a U.S. Permanent Resident Card. Canada has no such program. In 2014, the Green Card lottery attracted more than 11 million applicants. From this pool of applicants less than 0.5 percent were to receive visas, which are allocated at random in a single annual draw. With odds of less than one in two hundred, applicants generally enter the pool of applicants in the Green Card lottery more in hope than expectation. Canada has its own sort of pool — the Express Entry pool, which came into operation earlier in January, 2015 — where candidates who have made an Expression of Interest in immigrating to Canada are ranked according to a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

OM International is Vadodara's leading consultants who can help you with Federal skilled visa applications, along with all the provincial nominee programs and also Federal trade worker visas too.

Candidates are selected from the pool on a priority basis, rather than at random, at regular draws from the pool. Selected candidates receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence in Canada, from which point they have 60 days to submit an application, with processing times of six months or less. Within the first few months of Express Entry’s launch a consistently increasing number of candidates in the Express Entry pool have received ITAs, with many of these individuals having quickly gone on to land in Canada as permanent residents. Furthermore, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) recently stated that ‘Future rounds from the Express Entry pool will become the main source of applications to meet annual Canadian immigration levels targets.’
While not everyone is eligible to enter the Express Entry pool, the same is true for the Green Card lottery. The major difference, however, is that individuals presently ineligible to enter the Express Entry pool can become eligible through their own endeavour by improving their language ability, adding supplementary work experience, and/or completing a higher level of education. Applicants to the Green Card lottery, on the other hand, are at the whim of a program that only allows candidates from certain countries to enter, and that’s before the randomness of the draw itself is taken into account.

3.       The Provincial Nominee Programs

In Canada, the federal government and the provinces and territories share jurisdiction over the selection of immigrants. Provinces and territories can create and tailor Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) that allow them to nominate individuals who are deemed likely to contribute positively to the community, both socially and economically. 

OM International can help you out with the filing of your Provincial Nominee immigration applications. Come and visit our professional staff who will cater your needs and help you out at every stage of the application. 

The federal government then attends to health and security matters before issuing the permanent resident visa. The PNPs are a dynamic set of programs that fast­track the entrance of newcomers who arrive in their new homes knowing that the region in which they are settling wants them there. Indeed, these newcomers are actively pursued by the provincial governments. The 50 U.S. state governments do not benefit from such a decentralized system, however, with immigration jurisdiction remaining exclusively with the U.S. federal government.

4.       International students in Canada can stay after graduation

When Mitt Romney was running for President of the U.S. in 2012, he stated “If you get an advanced degree here, we want you to stay here – so we will staple a Green Card to your diploma.” Alas, post­graduation work and immigration options for international students in the U.S. remain scant to this day, with many graduates effectively forced to leave the country soon after graduation.

Om international can help you select best suitable course and then the best collages where there is world class amenities and state of the art class room and highly educated teachers.

 These individuals take with them their ideas, creativity and know how and use it elsewhere — very often in Canada. In turn, the U.S. loses out on a potentially high earning tax base. In contrast, Canada offers its cohort of international students something that is not available, or more difficult to obtain, in other countries — a post graduation work permit for up to three years. International students who go down this route also benefit from permanent immigration options, including the Canadian Experience Class and the Quebec Experience Class. All of this allows Canada to retain top talent.

5.       A Green Card and Canadian permanent residence are fundamentally different

 A Green Card is the popular name for a United States Permanent Resident Card. Instead of a Canada Green Card, permanent residents of Canada have the right to a Canada Permanent Resident Card as proof of their Canada immigration status. The distinction is not a question of semantics; there is a significant difference in the philosophies behind the issuance of a United States Green Card and a Canada Permanent Resident Card. 

OM International also helps you with immigration to the united states. we have professional who are expert to handle every of your immigration queries.

A Green Card grants the holder the permission to enter and live in the United States. In contrast, Canadian permanent resident status grants an individual the right to enter and live in Canada. Having permission and having the right are two distinct claims. A right is something more — it is a legal entitlement, inherent to the holder. Permanent residents of the United States must be in possession of their U.S Green Cards at all times and must be prepared to show them to U.S. authorities upon request. Canada permanent residents have no such obligation. Not only do they not have to carry around their Canada Permanent Resident Card, they are not even required to apply for the card. Though useful to have, a Canada Permanent Resident Card is purely voluntary.

Why Canada?

Over the past few years, many American lawmakers have tended to view immigration through the lens of security issues or national sovereignty, rather than as an opportunity to add dynamism and flexibility to the labor market,” says Attorney David Cohen. “The popular image of energetic immigrants arriving on American shores and ‘making it’ through hard work and bright ideas is redundant if the system there won’t allow for it. “On the other hand, Canada accepts more immigrants per capita than any other country in the Americas. And these people succeed and prosper. They provide for their families, open businesses and create opportunities for others. According to a BMO study, nearly half of all millionaires in Canada are immigrants or second ­generation residents, compared to just one­ third in America. While in the United States people have been busy pursuing happiness, most of their counterparts in Canada have been busy living it. With a wide range of immigration options, it is the true land of opportunity in North America.”

REF: http://www.cicnews.com/2015/08/canadian-immigration-policies-comparison-085861.html

For more queries, please call @ 9227656616/06/98241 63366 or email your CV for Free Immigration Assessment : info@omvisas.in or omvishal.shah@gmail.com

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

OM International present the opportunity of permanent residency in Canada after studies......

Studying in Quebec Provides Quality Education, Pathways to Permanent Immigration to Canada
­As a new batch of international students prepares to make the move to Canada for the Fall semester, others are considering their options for 2016. When it comes to studying in Canada and thinking about settling permanently, preparation is the key.

OM international present you the best opportunity for student visa to Canada and settle after finishing your studies. Chances of Permanent residency of Canada straight after finishing studies.

With quality and more affordable tuition, safe cities, employment options (both during and after the study period), and as a pathway to Canadian permanent residence, the decision to study in Canada can be one of the most important, and best, decisions made by young people from around the world.
Many individuals, however, are seeing their future academic and professional career prospects not just in Canada, but specifically in the province of Quebec. Quebec welcomes approximately 45,000 immigrants each year, a figure that is progressively rising. Why is this?

Quebec: An exciting place to live, study and work
Quebec is a culturally, linguistically, and historically unique province of Canada, with a majority French speaking population. Contrary to popular belief, however, not all colleges and universities in Quebec require French. Indeed, some of the most renowned institutions are predominantly English in character.

The province offers study options in a dynamic and lively atmosphere. McGill University, Laval, Bishops, L’Université de Montreal, and Concordia, as well as many other universities and modern polytechnic colleges, are located here. The city of Montreal, Quebec’s metropolis, is home to four sizable universities, giving it the highest percentage of university students in its population of any major North American city, except Boston.

Om International offers some of the best intuitions in Quebec for higher studies. We have a variety of option for courses to study. We give IELTS coaching to increase your chances of getting a Student visa to Canada for free once you register your interest to study in Canada.

Quebec is also home to one of the most affordable education systems in North America. The average yearly tuition paid by Quebec students is the lowest in Canada, and the province offers a number of generous student aid programs. For students looking for English, French, or bilingual education, the system of schools in Quebec include a network of institutions that offer world­class education in both of Canada’s official languages.

Individuals thinking about coming to study in Quebec should know that the province’s education and immigration opportunities are slightly different to the rest of Canada. Choosing the right combination of education and settlement options, therefore, can save time, money and stress.

After graduation: A post­graduation work permit
A typical path from student to permanent resident status in Canada is through taking advantage of something Canada offers that is not available, or more difficult to obtain, in other countries — a post­graduate work permit.

Om International will even help you out with the work permit in Canada after finishing your studies. Come and visit our professional staff who will manage everything for you.
This work permit may be issued on completion of the study program for the duration that the program, up to a maximum of three years. Thus, a graduate who completed a four ­year study program could be eligible for a three ­year post­graduate work permit, while a graduate who completed a study program twelve months in duration could be eligible for a twelve­month post­graduate work permit.
Students must be at least 18 and in possession of a valid study permit when applying. Click here to learn more about the post­ graduation work permit and eligibility requirements.

Permanent Immigration to Canada
Transitioning from temporary to permanent status in Quebec is a two­ step process. First, when successful applicants are chosen by the province they receive a Quebec Selection Certificate (commonly called a CSQ). Once in possession of a CSQ, applicants then submit an application for Canadian permanent residence to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and undergo health and criminal background checks.

There are many option Om International can help you with in regards to Canada Permanent Residency. We can help you out with all the immigration issues.
Immigration options for current and future students in Quebec can look toward the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) and Quebec Experience Class (commonly known as the PEQ, or Programme de l’expérience québécoise).

Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP)
If a student is finishing his or her studies in Quebec and holds a valid CAQ (Quebec Acceptance Certificate) and study permit, he or she may be eligible to apply to the QSWP. Candidates who have studied in Quebec must have completed at least one half of an eligible study program and be ready to enter the workforce. The QSWP uses a points­based system to assess applications of individuals who wish to settle in the province.

Quebec Experience Class (PEQ)
 A more student­ oriented pathway to Canadian permanent residence is the PEQ. This program operates a stream dedicated to providing international students in Quebec with the opportunity to build their lives and careers in Quebec.
Students with the right combination of education and language skills can apply for the PEQ. To be considered eligible, students must have:

An Eligible Diploma or Degree The following qualify under the PEQ rules:
·         Bachelor’s Degree (university undergraduate);
·         Master’s Degree (and MBAs); Doctorate Degree;
·         DEC – Diploma of College Studies, technical training, (Diplôme D’études Collégiales Techniques);
·         DEP – Diploma Of Vocational Studies, lasting 1,800 hours of study (Diplôme D’études Professionnelles); and
·         A DEP – Diploma Of Vocational Studies, followed by an ASP (Attestation Of Vocational Specialization; Attestation De Specialisation Professionnelle) comprising a minimum of 1,800 hours of training and leading to a particular trade.
Graduated or are Graduating from a Recognized School
Students must have received their diploma from a school recognized by regulated by the Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport (MELS), Quebec’s Ministry of Education.
Proven advanced intermediate or better French language proficiency.
Completed an Application within a Specific Time Frame
Students must have completed an eligible program within the last 36 months or plan to complete a program within the next six months.

In summary  
“Newcomers come to Quebec each year from over 100 countries, helping to contribute to the multicultural character of the province and driving the Quebec economy. This includes a good number of students,” says Attorney David Cohen.
Om International is a leading consultant of Vadodara providing immigration services to our valued clientele over a period of 15 Years…..visit us for a free of cost evaluation on your first visit. We provide immigration advice for Canada Permanent residency, Australian permanent residency, New Zealand Permanent Residency and also student visa option to different countries along with business visa, tourist visa, and many more…….
“With the province’s economy growing and the birth rate declining, immigration to Quebec can be expected to grow in the future. An important step to making this transition is being prepared and knowing the full range of options available. Having studied in Quebec myself, I can vouch for the quality of education on offer and employment prospects after graduation.”

REF: http://www.cicnews.com/2015/08/studying-quebec-quality-education-pathways-permanent-immigration-canada-085666.html

Monday, 24 August 2015

Australia Migration Updates : Skill Select results - Australia PR Invitations till 6th July 2015 -OM International Vadodara's leading immigration consultants

SkillSelect – 6 July 2015 Round Results
The table below shows the number of invitations issued in the Skill Select invitation round on 6 July 2015.
Om International bring you the latest updates on the immigration news. Immigration Australia has recently provided with the figures below.
Invitations on 6 July 2015
Visa Subclass
Skilled - Independent (subclass 189)
Skilled - Regional Provisional (subclass 489)
During 2015-16 the following number of invitations have been issued:
Invitations issued during 2015-16
Visa Subclass
Skilled - Independent (subclass 189)
Skilled – Regional Provisional (subclass 489)
The above figures do not include invitations issued for State and Territory Government nominated visa subclasses. State and Territory Governments nominate throughout the month for specific points tested skilled migration and business innovation and investment visas. Separate results for these visa subclasses are provided monthly.
We are dedicated to serve you the best possible way we can. our staff are highly trained and professional's providing you the true and transparent knowledge to migrate to Australia, Canada and many other countries. we also provided others services such as student visas, partner visa, business visa, visitors visa etc.
6 July 2015 results
The following graph shows the points for clients who were invited to apply in the 6 July 2015 round.

Invitation process and cut offs
The highest ranked clients by points score are invited to apply for the relevant visa. For clients who have equal points scores, the time at which they reached their points score for that subclass (referred to as the visa date of effect) determines their order of invitation. Expressions of Interest with earlier dates of effect are invited before later dates.
Visa Subclass
Points score
Visa date of effect
Skilled - Independent (subclass 189)
15 June 2015 1:38pm
Skilled - Regional Provisional (subclass 489)
21 May 2015 7:24pm
Due to the continuing high numbers of EOIs received for the below occupations, invitations for these occupations will be issued on a pro rata basis in each monthly invitation round over the 2015-16 programme year. These arrangements are subject to change throughout the programme year.  SkillSelect first allocates available places to Skilled – Independent (subclass 189) visas and then remaining to Skilled – Regional (subclass 489) (Provisional – Family Sponsored) visas. If all places are taken up by subclass 189 visas then there will be no invitations issued for subclass 489 visas in these occupations:
·         ICT Business and Systems Analysts
·         Accountants
·         Software and Applications Programmers.
The points score and the visa date of effect cut-off for the above occupations in the 6 July 2015 invitation round is as follows.  Below points score and visa date of effect is for Skilled Independent (subclass 189).
Points scores and the visa dates of effect cut off for the above occupations in the 6 July 2015 invitation round.
Points score
Visa date of effect
31 May 2015 10:43pm
ICT Business and System Analysts
15 April 2015 3:55pm
Software and Applications Programmers
27 June 2015 11:20pm

REF: http://www.border.gov.au/WorkinginAustralia/Pages/SkillSelect-6-july-2015-round-results.aspx

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