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Om International one of the leading visa consultancy firms in Gujarat offers high caliber IELTS & PTE coaching since last years. Our same expertise that we have in visa & immigration services is too extended to helping you get IELTS & PTE score. With experienced faculty, advanced material and remote learning option with great infrastructural facilities we offer students and professionals comprehensive IELTS & PTE Coaching for processing of their student visa or Immigrationvisa to Canada or Australia. IELTS being recognized in 135 countries in the world and at 9000 colleges, universities, employers, governments and associations is a key platform for any kind of immigration service.

This International English Language Testing system has become the most popular platform to study or make career in foreign countries, may it be any module Academic or General.

We at Om International, the town’s best Placement and Visa consultancy services give IELTS & Spoken English Coaching for any overseas bachelors, masters and diploma programs or courses. Strategized learning and easy skills to crack the test are being taught to students who register with us and at OmInternational this coaching of IELTS & PTE given for free who register for PR visa or study permits in Canada or Australia

We have been successfully preparing students last 16 years. Whether you have to pass IELTS & PTE exam or get a college admission abroad, Om International Visa Consultancy is one stop that you should make.

Why choose Om International?

  • ·        Most of our students get higher marks in PTE and band in IELTS.
  • ·        High quality Teaching Aids and standard study materials.
  • ·        Supportive and friendly staff.
  • ·        Affordable pricing.
  • ·        Regular task for handling language challenges.
  • ·        Frequent mock tests.

Study Masters in the Heart of Europe @ Rome with 18 month post study WORK visa option available exclusively at OM International, a leading overseas VISA consultancy in Gujarat

     With over 700 years of history, 111,000 students, 4000 teachers and 2000 employees, technicians and librarians, in addition to 2000 administrative staff in university hospitals, Sapienza is the first university in Europe. Our mission is to contribute to the development of a knowledge society through research, excellence, quality education and international cooperation.

Sapienza University Di Roma applications open for mention program

Ms in AL & Robotics
2 Years
1000 €
Ms in Architecture (Conservation)
2 Years
1000 €
Ms in Business Management
2 Years
1000 €
Ms in Cognitive Neuroscience
2 Years
1000 €
Ms in Computer Science
2 Years
1000 €
Ms in Control Engineering
2 Years
1000 €
Ms in Data Science
2 Years
1000 €
Ms in Development and Communications
2 Years
1000 €
Ms in Economics
2 Years
1000 €
Ms in Economics and Communications
2 Years
1000 €
Ms in Electronics Engineering
2 Years
1000 €
Ms in Energy Engineering
2 Years
1000 €
Ms in Engineering in Computer Science
2 Years
1000 €
Ms in European Studies
2 Years
1000 €
Ms in Fashion Science
2 Years
1000 €
Ms in Genetics and Mol. Biology
2 Years
1000 €
Ms in Mechanical Engineering
2 Years
1000 €
Ms in Nanotechnology Engineering
2 Years
1000 €
Ms in Particle & Astro particle Physics
2 Years
1000 €
Ms in Product Design
2 Years
1000 €
Ms in Science for Cultural Heritage
2 Years
1000 €
Ms in Space Engineering
2 Years
1000 €
Ms in Transport Systems Eng.
2 Years
1000 €
Ms in Special Degree in Aerospace Engineering
2 Years
1000 €
Application Deadline: April 15, 2018
Intake: September 2018

Course Fact:

  • Programs are 2 year long and fully taught in English.
  • Eligible for 18 month Post-study work visa after graduation.
  • Fees for the entire programs is €1000.

Academic Document Required:

  • Bachelor’s degree with min. 50% marks.
  • English Language proficiency certificate.
  • Statement of Purpose.
  • Up dated Resume.
  • Passport copy.
For more details or your documents as shown below to initiate you’re processing of application to Om International.
Vishal Shah
Call: 9227656606/10/16
Email: omvishal.shah@gmail.com

Saturday, 16 December 2017

5 Important Guidelines for Students Planning to Study in USA

Education in USA is your gateway to the extensive world out there. The variety of culture, the higher standards of pedagogy and the different research opportunities make it completely worth spending your time and money on studying in the United States. However, you want to make sure you extract the maximum value out of this rather expensive experience; and to do that, the best way to go about is to prepare as thoroughly as possible. Here are a few crucial guidelines of things to consider before you enrol into a program to study in USA.
1. Do Your Research Well
First of all, read on the education system in general. Different countries of the world have different educational hierarchies and subsequently different requirements in terms of how many years of previous education you need to be able to enrol into a course of a certain level, say grad or post grad.
Once you know the system well, go on to researching about the subject you wish to study. Depending on the level at which you want to follow the subject, make a listof colleges and universities offering courses that match your desires. Now, look at the overall ranks of the institutes, followed by ranking in the particular department you are looking at. Many a time, an institute may have a great overall rank but not that great a rank in the individual department; so look exclusively for subject-wise rankings before you set your eyes on a university.
2. Plan Your Finances to the most minuscule Detail
Include all the costs you will acquire during the course of your study in the US and add them up to get a clear estimate on how much money you need to arrange for before you commit to an education abroad. Include cost of living, books, supplementary courses and also of flying.
When it comes to education fee, you can get scholarships and grants from organizations that offer research and higher education aid to international students. Also, you can look up to the education authorities in India for funding your education in a foreign country through their various assistance programs.
3. Take the Time to Understand the Application Process Really Well
The submission process may differ across institutes and you need to be very careful in filing your application; there is no room for errors in here. Read the application guidelines again and again and make sure no required document is missing before you submit.
4. Prepare for the Visa Application Procedure
You need to get an acceptance letter before you apply for the US Students’ Visa. This process, too, like application filling, should be taken very seriously. Keep all your documents ready well in advance before your interview. At Om International, a reputed USA student visa consultancywe help students prepare for the visa application and interview so they can realize their dream without any hitches.

5. Read about the Life and Culture at US
To avoid putting yourself in awkward social situations, it’s always great to know a little bit about the culture and social practices of a country before you visit. Besides, it’s also very important for you to understand the difference in ways of life so you can make an informed decision for yourself about spending a few valuable years there without any family support.
With thousands of Indian students going to the US every year to study, it shouldn’t be tough for you to find the necessary support system. Just follow the guidelines well and you should have a smooth sail of an education in USA.

Important desires for Getting Student Visa for USA

Lots of Indian students get their student visa to USA every year without any bother. So be confident that once you get an approval letter from a university of choice, the visa procurement wouldn’t be something that would hold you back from pursuing your studies in the US; but don’t let that make you complacent either. At Om International, a renowned student visa consultancy for USA, we help you exactly follow application guidelines and procedures regarding submission of documents and also help you prepare for the interview process.

Below are key tips that you must pay concentration to when applying for student visato USA.

Prepare Well to Enhance Your Chances of Getting a Student Visa for USA

Fill the right forms, prepare the required list of documents and also the corroboratory documents to establish yourself as a genuine non-immigrant visa seeker and get information on what kind of questions you could be asked during the interview.

Which Visa Category are you applying for?

For students pursuing a full degree program in the US, an F-1 visa is granted, while for those going on an exchange program from an existing course that they are pursuing in some other country, a J-1 visa is the norm.

The I-20, DS-2019 and DS-160 Forms

Once you get acceptance to a university and you have made your choice to pursue your studies there, you ask your university to send you the I-20 (for F-1 visa) or the DS-2019 (for J-1 visa) form. In addition to these two, you can also go for a generic DS-160 form which lets you complete the entire application online.

Whatever form you are choosing, be very careful with filling it; even a tiniest error could cost you heavily here. So fill it, and then re-check it several times before submission.

Apply for Student Visa for USA as Early as Possible

After submitting the I-20 or DS-2019 form, you may have to wait for a few days to about a few weeks depending on your course and other security screening parameters before getting a clearance. Therefore, it’s important that you send across your application well in advance before course commencement dates so you don’t risk missing any of your classes.

Preparing for the Interview

Be ready to face questions like why you wish to study in the USA. Your answers should be clear-cut, honest, believable and naturally spoken. Have a psychological image of the answers you would like to give, but don’t memorize them word by word – this will only make you look fake and annoying.

During the interview, you will also be required to present a proof of your financial stability for pursuing an education abroad. A bank statement showing sufficient funds in your account certainly is compulsory, but also a letter from your bank establishing you as a long-term customer with a good credit score will be very helpful.

Be fluent about Answering Questions Pertaining to Your Intentions to Return after Completing Studies

This is the most common cause for student visa rejections – in case you are not able to convince the officer about the fact that you will come back to India after completing your studies in the US, you risk not getting a student visa at all. So prepare an answer well and carry the necessary documents to support your claim.

If you want an skilled expert to guide you through the visa application procedure and interview preparation, you can always come to us at Om International,. Being a reputed student visa consultancy for USA we will give you the essential support thereby boosting your chances of getting a visa.

Tel: +91– 0265 – 2464164/2480840 or Call: +919227656606/08/16

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