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Friday, 31 August 2018


Fabulous  Reasons for Study into PARIS;

In Paris, the air is thick with possibility. Students who live and study in Paris take advantage of its possibilities through study at quality educational institutions and living life in any of Paris’ cool and trendy neighborhoods. Students that study abroad in Paris also take advantage of Paris’ abundance of cultural hotspots, icons, and happenings. Many students even commit to advanced language programs and quality internships in some of Paris’ many powerful industries. Ultimately, Paris study abroad programs provide students an expansively wonderful opportunity academically, personally, and professionally.

It’s Actually Cheaper Than You Think!
You Can Study Any Subject You Can Think Of—and Then Some 
Paris Universities are Some of the Best in the World
You'll Be Enlightened by the City of Light
Why Collège de Paris?
College de Paris also known as École de Paris is a top notch business school in France based in Paris.
It offers courses in Luxury Management, Wine and Gastronomy Management.
Since its founding, the Collège de Paris has set itself the mission of promoting French excellence through training. To do this, Recognized higher education institutions, the oldest of which was created in 1949,
which share three values:
 international openness, pedagogical excellence, individualized support for students.

International Reaches;
50 % foreign students in the campus from China, Morocco, Cameroon, Senegal and African countries.
A chance to have a global meet up in a single place

Individual attention for each student;
Because each training course corresponds to a personal ambition, all our students receive individual attention. The success of each student – before, during and after the course – is our priority. Our teams accompany each student in the success of his project. Professional integration, promoted by work-linked training, is our top priority.

Only English teaching for International / Indian Students

Program/Courses Offered for International Students;
-          Master Program – Duration 1 Year
1.International Marketing
2.Fashion & Luxury Goods Management
3.Food & Beverages Management

-          MBA Program – Duration 2Year
1.Digital Management of Tourism and Hospitality
2.Information Technology

-          Global MBA Program – Duration 2 Year
First Year in Paris.
Second Year in USA,UK, Ireland, China & Thailand
1.Business Administration.

-          Bachelor Program – Duration 3 Year
1.Business Administration.

-Internship (French level Required: B2)
- Study Trip

Additional Benefits for Students :
·         Accommodation: Government benefit (CAF) can be availed
·         Work Permit (APS) after studies: 2 years
·         Circulation Visa of 5 Years

Where can get Information for college locally?
Only One Place is Offered Trusted and Satisfied Counseling in within Vadodara, Gujarat.

Om International, Vadodara
Om International Having an Excellence Experience of more than 17+ years with high Success Ratio into Student Success.


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Wednesday, 29 August 2018

French education System...!!!


French Education System
French system
Indian system
BEPC (Base d'Essais de la Petite Ceinture)
10th STD
12th STD
Bachelors(License) / Undergraduate certificate diploma
Bachelors(License)/ Undergraduate certificate diploma
Masters / Postgraduate diploma
Masters / Postgraduate diploma

The French educational system is highly centralized; organized and ramified .It is divided into 3 different stages:
·         Primary education
·         Secondary education
·         Higher education

Primary Education:
In France, kids start school very early, school starts 3 (for almost 100%) and children spend 3 years in kindergarten, schooling is compulsory until age 16.

Secondary Education:

For secondary education age is from 11 to 15 which is known as BEPC which is equivalent to 10th  in India, then the students who completes secondary school in France receive a diploma known as the Baccalaureate which is equivalent to 12th in India.

Higher education:
Higher education is offered in different institution. There are two different types of education institutes that International Students usually you can choose from Universities and Grande Ecoles.

There are about 88 public Universities spread throughout the country. They cover the entire range of academic disciplines from the sciences, including Mathematics, chemistry, physics and biology to technology, covering computer science, engineering, material science and electrical engineering through to literature, language, the arts, the social science, law economics management health sports and more. The university covers all disciplines and trains student for research. Students are usually in larger classes with fewer support systems. The fee structure is sometimes lower than the other countries.

Grande Ecoles:
The Grande Ecoles are uniquely French institutions, created in the early 19th century in parallel to the university system; they are extremely selective and offer education of a very high standard. There are over 300 Grande Ecoles in France covering different subject areas. The fee structure can sometimes be higher but students benefit from smaller class sizes, better support systems and excellent networks (alumni companies and international partners). These can be either Public or Private Institutions or part of both.

Popular Courses:
MBA, IT, Engineering, Fashion, Art and Design

Entry Requirements for Masters.
MBA: A good bachelor degree, 2 to 3 year work experience, GMAT
Master: Good bachelor degree

English requirement + Eligibility:
IELTS with score of band 6 is mandatory to secure the admission in France.

Ranking and Accreditation:
There are several ranking are published by reputable newspaper and specialized press. The Grande Ecole always comes out of top. They are also highly accredited institutions.
·         The UK financial Times has ranked the Best Business schools in Europe, X of them are French Grande Ecoles
·         For example the best Grande Ecole Business Schools are accredited by EQUIS, AMBA, AACSB (international accreditations). They are also approved by the government. The best Grande Ecole
·         Engineering Schools are accredited by the French Board of Engineering Degrees.
·         Member of the CGE (French Conference of top management and engineering Schools) and the CDEFI (Conference of Directors of French Engineering Schools). Awarded the EURACE label.

Application Procedure
·     All the applicants must submit certified true copies of relevant documents along with the application form. They must bring originals to OM International office also.
·  The school which you have applied will decide on the recognition of your academic background and will decide at which level you can qualify to enter.
·    If the application is successful you will receive a conditional/confirmation offer letter from them which can be used for a long stay student resident visa.
·   You need to complete Registration and pay the first installment fees and send it to the School. The School will send you details on how to apply for accommodation later on.
·  The applicant needs to take an appointment with the French embassy for a visa interview and to verify the financial documents along with the visa documents at the Embassy of France or the consulates in Mumbai.
·  Applicants must complete the online procedure. They will find details about this at campusfrance.org and on the India CF page.
·   After considering the complete application Approval is given by the French Embassy within 48 hrs.
·     After the visa approval the student can book their tickets.

The major intake in France is September and February.

Documents Required :
·         Confirmed admission letter from French University/school
·         Final admission letter - unconditional
·         Proof of Accommodation in France
·         Proof of Financial Resources
·         Overseas Medical Insurance
·         Flight tickets
·         Academic Degree Certificate
·         Resume
·         Valid Passport
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Main Case Study behind Visa Cancellation & Their Solutions...OM International, a vadodara based VISA Consultancy brings a solution to you....

Precautions before Visa Interview.

Main Case Study behind Visa Cancellation & Their Solutions...

You know what there could be Many causes behind the denial of the visa. some are here for the better chance of execution!

To start with, 
Financial Solution for Student Visa
1) Your documents/papers related to the financial background may not be too strong, and resultantly, the concerned immigrating official may not be convinced that you would really manage to take care of yourself financially in the country.
Solution: Offer strong proof of your financial state.
 (Proof belongs to your background/Family Members from India/Abroad)

Reason For Return into Nation
2) The immigration officer may not be convinced with your aims of leaving the nation, post the completion of your study course.
Solution: Attach the required papers illustrating your property and permanent home / Business and business back in your native nation.
(Make a Strong reason for return into Nation.)

Proove Educational Profile
3)The selection of the study course may not be in compliance with your field in your nation. For instance, you could be an Arts/Designer student back home but may have applied for computers course in the Respective Country.
Solution: Submit an application for the course involving your chosen field of study, or share the common thread between the two. (ie. Why your educational knowledge is much useful for respective country progress in any manner)

Contribution into College
4) Your Selection will depend on the credibility test with the university you may have been chosen for. Still, at times, some colleges dishonestly register students to make money, which results in the rejection of the application.
Solution: Submit an application for ONLY administration sanctioned colleges & educational centers. 
(Proove in Verbally that you have enough potential for generating the revenue stream for college, for such kind of colleges)

Family Plan for Overseas
5)The petition may also be dismissed in case you want to take your whole family with you and fail to offer sufficient documents to exhibit your link to the home nation.
Solution: Offer the valid proof of going back. 
(with some Priority Future plants to be executed.)

For All the Way,

Om International is here to Solution for Every solution with High Success Ratio.

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Saturday, 11 August 2018

Study in UK's Top ranked University one of the top ranked Business School

Study in UK’s Top Ranked Research Based University
The University of Sheffield
Why University of Sheffield?
·        1.5 hrs away from Central London.
·        Having 25,000 students & 6500 International Students from 115 countries.
·        Sheffield is rated in 84th in world in 2016 QS World University Rankings.
·        Awarded as Best Research Excellence Framework University in 2014.
·        Sheffield is a Ranked Top 10, UKs Leading Research University Russell Group
·        Business School has Triple Crown Accreditation by AMBA, EQUIS, AACSB(Students need minimum 3 years full time work experience for MBA)
Courses Available UG/PG
Business/Accounting- Accounting & Financial Management, Economics with Finance, Financial Mathematics, Business Management, Business Management & Economics, Business Finance & Economics, Finance, Management, Global Marketing Management, International Management.. and many more
Engineering/Computer Science- Aerospace Engineering, Engineering, Chemical, Civil, Architectural, Structural, Electronic and Communications, Bioengineering, Computer Science, Electrical, Electronic, Mechatronic & Robotic, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science, Computer Science, Advanced Computer Science, Advanced Mechanical Engineering, Data Analytics, Robotics, Software Systems and Technology..  and many more
Science- Biochemistry, Medical Biochemistry, Biochemistry & Molecular Cell Biology, Biochemistry & Microbiology, Biochemistry & Genetics, Medical Microbiology, Chemistry, Genetics, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine, Human & Molecular Biology.. and many more
Other – Architecture, Architecture & Landscape, Landscape, Urban studies, Urban Studies & Planning, Dental Surgery, Digital Media & Society, Journalism Studies, International Relation & Politics, Nursing, Zoology, Cities and Global Development, Sustainable Architecture Studies, Real Estate Planning and Development, commercial Real Estate, advanced Nursing, Studies, Clinical Neurology, Human Nutrition, Dental Public Health.. and many more
UG -£ 16,800–£37,300
PG - £ 16,800- £23,450
MBA- £ 22,950
Living Costs: Outside London- £ 9,135 (for 9 months - calculated @ £ 1,015 per month - to show for Visa) (1 GBP is equal to 91 INR)
Best Wishes for the Day;
CEO - OM Group of Companies
An ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Company & CRISIL AAA Rated Company
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Head Office : 2nd floor, Indraprasth Avenue, Next to Urjita Hospital,V.I.P. Road, Karelibaug, 
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