Welcome To OM International, Gujarat's Leading Study Abroad & Migration VISA Consultancy

Welcome To OM International,  Gujarat's Leading Study Abroad & Migration VISA Consultancy
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Friday, 31 August 2018


Fabulous  Reasons for Study into PARIS;

In Paris, the air is thick with possibility. Students who live and study in Paris take advantage of its possibilities through study at quality educational institutions and living life in any of Paris’ cool and trendy neighborhoods. Students that study abroad in Paris also take advantage of Paris’ abundance of cultural hotspots, icons, and happenings. Many students even commit to advanced language programs and quality internships in some of Paris’ many powerful industries. Ultimately, Paris study abroad programs provide students an expansively wonderful opportunity academically, personally, and professionally.

It’s Actually Cheaper Than You Think!
You Can Study Any Subject You Can Think Of—and Then Some 
Paris Universities are Some of the Best in the World
You'll Be Enlightened by the City of Light
Why Collège de Paris?
College de Paris also known as École de Paris is a top notch business school in France based in Paris.
It offers courses in Luxury Management, Wine and Gastronomy Management.
Since its founding, the Collège de Paris has set itself the mission of promoting French excellence through training. To do this, Recognized higher education institutions, the oldest of which was created in 1949,
which share three values:
 international openness, pedagogical excellence, individualized support for students.

International Reaches;
50 % foreign students in the campus from China, Morocco, Cameroon, Senegal and African countries.
A chance to have a global meet up in a single place

Individual attention for each student;
Because each training course corresponds to a personal ambition, all our students receive individual attention. The success of each student – before, during and after the course – is our priority. Our teams accompany each student in the success of his project. Professional integration, promoted by work-linked training, is our top priority.

Only English teaching for International / Indian Students

Program/Courses Offered for International Students;
-          Master Program – Duration 1 Year
1.International Marketing
2.Fashion & Luxury Goods Management
3.Food & Beverages Management

-          MBA Program – Duration 2Year
1.Digital Management of Tourism and Hospitality
2.Information Technology

-          Global MBA Program – Duration 2 Year
First Year in Paris.
Second Year in USA,UK, Ireland, China & Thailand
1.Business Administration.

-          Bachelor Program – Duration 3 Year
1.Business Administration.

-Internship (French level Required: B2)
- Study Trip

Additional Benefits for Students :
·         Accommodation: Government benefit (CAF) can be availed
·         Work Permit (APS) after studies: 2 years
·         Circulation Visa of 5 Years

Where can get Information for college locally?
Only One Place is Offered Trusted and Satisfied Counseling in within Vadodara, Gujarat.

Om International, Vadodara
Om International Having an Excellence Experience of more than 17+ years with high Success Ratio into Student Success.


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