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Friday, 28 December 2018

To Visit the UK and Make your Dream Come true.... With OM INTERNATIONAL...!!!

Apply UK Visitor and other Visa with OM International.

Visitor Visas allow foreign nationals who are subject to immigration control to enter the UK for a short period of time. This period is usually a maximum of six months. This visa route is different from those under the Five-Tier Points-Based system, as it is usually accessible to apply for and obtain. Visitor Visas also tend to grant you less UK rights like, you cannot bring dependents with you while on this visa category.  

Anyone can apply for a Visitors Visa under different categories including coming to the UK as a tourist, to visit family or on business, as an entertainer or sportsperson, or for special reasons like receiving private medical treatment or to get married. If someone comes to the UK as a visitor you are generally permitted to remain for up to six months. OM INTERNATIONAL is India's leading UK Visa experts and an excellent record in assisting with Visitor Visa applications for all purposes.
UK Has Ranked as the sixth major tourist destination in the world, crowded with historic memorials, royal palaces and some of the world's top galleries and museum, huge variety of landscapes and diverse cultures, world famous sites i.e. Tower of London, Madame Tussaud Museum, Tower Bridge, Stonehenge etc.,Happening shopping attraction and top nightclubs. 
OM INTERNATIONAL will help you to fulfill your dream to go abroad.

Eligibility for this type of visa will depend on what you intend to do at the same time you are in the UK. Must also have sufficient funds to support and accommodate self and to capable to meet the cost of your return or onward journeyOM International is prior to submitting your application to ensure success.

Categories of Visitor Visa
General Visitors
Business Visitor Visa
Family Visitor Visa
Child Visitor Visa 
UK sport Visa

Validation of UK Visitor Visa

At most 30 days, if you are a traveler under an ADS agreement. Up to 6 months, If you are traveling for a family visit or tourism. Up to 11 months, if you are traveling for a private medical treatment. Up to 12 months, if you are an academic completing a research project in the UK.

UK Visitor Visas are normally granted to visitors for six months and may be valid for a single or multiple entriesSingle entry UK Visitor Visas allow only one entry into the UK while multiple entry UK Visitor Visas allow the holder to travel into and out of the UK on multiple occasions during that period. You must state when applying whether you want a single-entry or multiple-entry visa. 

Business Visitor Visas

Business Visitor Visa allows holders to conduct certain business tasks in the UK for temporary periods. This visa falls under the Standard Visitor Visa category and you can use it if you are self-employed or working for an employer.

The UK Business Visitor Visa is different from the Tier 1 Entrepreneur or Investor Visa as it only allows you to visit the UK on a short-term basis to do certain activities. With it, you can visit the UK for a period of six months or less. If you are visiting as an academic business visitor, you can visit for a period of up to 12 months.

Student Visitor Visa

The Student Visitor Visa, or Short-Term Study Visa, can be used to study in the UK on a temporary basis. There are different options depending on if your child is coming to the UK to study an English course.

This type of visa falls under the Standard Visitor Visa category of the UK visas. It allows you to study at a certified UK institution for a maximum period of six months or under. If you are looking to study in the UK as an international student for a period longer than six months, you must apply for a Tier 4 Student Visa instead. This type of UK Student Visa is measured under the points-based system.

Child Visitor Visa

A Child Visitor Visa allows someone under the age of 18 to travel to the UK, to visit friends/family or be educated. This type of visa falls under the criteria Visitor Visa category and is valid for up to six months.

If you or your child is applying in this category you must be able to prove that you have suitable accommodation and care during your stay. You must also prove that you have a parent or guardian in your home country that is otherwise responsible for your well-being.

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Tuesday, 25 December 2018

Happy Boxing Day From OM INTERNATIONAL...!!!

Christmas is over, Boxing Day is on!

Migrating overseas can be a more complicated process that what many people may anticipate. The recent incidences of terrorism in many countries across the globe have led to the implementation of stiff immigration policies. From the documentation to the security and medical checks, nothing is left to chance. That is where OM INTERNATIONAL comes in. As mentioned earlier, OM INTERNATIONAL Visa Consultant always use updated information when offering services. As such, OM INTERNATIONAL knows the new implementations and prepares our clients beforehand.
OM INTERNATIONAL Visa Consultancy have a deeper understanding of whether an immigrant would need a visa to enter a particular country, the documents that they would need during the application of a visa if they will need to and what checks they will have to pass once they touch down at the foreign. OM INTERNATIONAL Visa services believe in early preparations, and that is exactly what we encourage our clients to do every time.

Boxing Day, the Day after Christmas!
Boxing Day! The day after Christmas, 26th December of every year is generally celebrated as Boxing Day. It is a day where the workers get to give away the gift boxes they get at their work, to be given away for their family members. The different traditions with an inlaid meaning always mesmerize immigrants to know the root of traditions. Boxing Day in many parts of the globe is observed to be a shopping and sporting day. In some parts of Great Britain and Ireland it is observed to stay relaxed and spend time with family members by eating all the leftovers from the Christmas Day. They then open the gift boxes and enjoy the surprises. They try to meet the family members whom they missed to meet on Christmas day. A day after Christmas where the gifts of boxes is given away to less privileged is now being forgotten and the whole theme runs around one’s self care, a prick in heel, something to focus on.
Boxing Day is a national Bank Holiday, the extended holiday to relax at home and be there for the family and not to be worried about anything else but just enjoy with the family members. The immigrants who invite their relatives or family members on tourist visa will get to visit their extended family members living in the same city or town. Since it will be a holiday, they will have some togetherness. The domestic workers get to visit their families with boxes of food and gifts from Christmas day and spend the day off from work and with their families. Primarily it was a tradition started in Great Britain and has been exported to USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other parts of the world. There is a growing need regarding the ethical values of Christmas as it is disappearing for now-a-day! The real meaning of Christmas and Boxing Day used to be different for locals and immigrants. It was focused on giving away than receiving. The 26th December mainly focused on giving away the boxes of gifts and presents to the poor rather and a bit of relaxing, spending within the family structure, unlike what is happening now. Boxing Day started off as a meaningful tradition which lost the chore value for now, but immigrants pay lots of attention in knowing the roots.
Activities on Boxing Day – 26th December
Horse racing is predominantly played sport on Boxing Day. Other games include Football and basketball. Some silly activities such as swimming the icy cold English Channel and some fun-runs to raise charity funds with an aim to help and support the poor. The immigrants also enjoy watching horse racing, football, and swimming. A day to relax actually turned around into a day of shopping in the recent years. Shops owners see it to get rid of the stocks in view of getting the new stocks, but the people see it to be a good bargain from their side.
Other activities on a day after Christmas include hunting wild foxes while chasing them with dogs had been a popular activity seen till 2004. Strictly speaking, Boxing Day do not lie in boxing up unwanted gifts or putting up the gift wraps in boxes but to share the kindness with those who are in need. An inner self convinced to agree that it is not always about ‘Me’ but it is to act in kindness towards others. The tourists who travel during the holiday season on a tourist visa get to enjoy all kinds of silly and healthy traditions on 26th December along with immigrants.
St. Stephen’s Day!
Boxing Day in Ireland is observed as St. Stephen’s day. It is named after the famous saint of the Bible who was known for his faith in Jesus and was martyred through stoning him to death. Some argue that the Boxing Day started in the middle ages when the priests collected the money for the poor in boxes long before Christmas and gave them away on 26th December, St. Stephen’s feast day, who was the first Christian martyr.
Food on Boxing Day
The left-overs from Christmas day and baked ham with butter brandy are usually seen to be consumed during lunch on Boxing Day. Mincemeat, smoked salmon, turkey soup, cocktails and salads actually balance the overeating from Christmas to Boxing Day. The immigrants find their way for differing with the dishes, mixing their hometown stuff since, the day off gives them way to cook their favourites.
To know more about Immigration to USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and other countries, guidance for visa process and expert advice for Immigration to Canada on fast track through Provincial Nominee Program, or the entrepreneurship program, Education abroad get in touch with OM INTERNATIONAL at VADODARA, GUJARAT, the most trusted immigration consultants.

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The bliss of White Christmas in CANADA....OM INTERNATIONAL...!!!

Traditions observed during Christmas Celebrations in Canada!

OM INTERNATIONAL, Immigration and Education Consultant focuses on client satisfaction, keeping in mind the quality and the aspects of a client. With a team of registered agents, we have continuously evolved from being what we were, to where we stand today. OM INTERNATIONAL VISA CONSULTANT, with a team of expert counsellors, deeply understands the requirements of a client to whatever extent it could take. When it comes to visa, OM INTERNATIONAL analyse the complete profile of a client, take into consideration their accolades and compare it with the criteria that are been set by authorities, thus helping them with their visa.
OM INTERNATIONAL has efficiently walked ‘a distant mile’, which has made us climb the ninth sky! OM VISA Consultant promises to serve best immigration solutions with quality and assurance And never make our clients visualize the false dreams, rather work on facts, staying updated with the rules and regulations of the immigration, deliver the guaranteed visas.
OM INTERNATIONAL Consultant has comparatively been faster than what it actually takes for an application to get assessed, with friendly workplace environment; and never make the client feel what it actually takes for the processing. OM INTERNATIONAL believe to work in intense and challenging mind-sets, gaining firmness and a gigantic experience, making us a big name when it comes to being an Education and immigration consultant In Gujarat.

The white Christmassy Traditions are amazed by immigrants to Canada!
Our series of Christmas celebrations around the world brings us to the facts of the holiday in Canada. Marking the birth of Jesus Christ Christmas is celebrated on December 25th of every year all over the world. The Christmas traditions that stroll around during the season in Canada are very interesting. It is important for the immigrants and the rest of the world to know the course of Christmas day in Canada. As the holiday approaches closer the advent candles snuffed out representing the love, peace, joy, and hope which is the core essence of Xmas, the reason Jesus was born into the world.
What do Canadians do on Christmas day?
Canadian Christians certainly have a day off. So they prefer family gatherings. All the members of the family go to church and enjoy singing special Christmas carols and have a great festive meal at home quietly. They also exchange gifts and enjoy the surprises. The traditions differ from family to family. Some families believe in a mythical figure called Santa Claus who rides a sleigh pulled by a reindeer. He will have bags full of gifts, candy in Xmas stockings or gifts under the Christmas tree and slips the gifts through the chimneys. The most popular gifts could be toys, candies, clothes and many more. They take the time to open the gifts after the church service to enjoy those surprises. The immigrants to Canada watch the decorations and lights lit on the streets during Xmas, the tree brings a feeling of festivity from the heart to enjoy the blissful moments.
The Christmas Meal!
Some Canadians make merry by having lots of food and drinks on Christmas Day. Lunch is usually very large with a stuffed turkey, potatoes, veggies, Cranberry sauce and flavored spices. After the meal Xmas pudding is eaten. The food during the day also includes sweet and savory snacks, candies, mandarins, nuts, ginger bread, butter tarts. The immigrants to Canada also celebrate Christmas along with their Canadian neighbors by enjoying the great festive meal and relaxing on the holiday. Most of the immigrants try to bring their relatives from their home countries through tourist visa Canada to enjoy the snow skiing, and other adventurous snow games. Some parts of Canada observe snowfall from the month of November to January.
Back ground of Christmas
Jesus Christ was born as a baby in Bethlehem. Mary comes all the way in her full term pregnancy to Bethlehem for Census and gives birth to Jesus in a stable because, bible records that there was no room for Him in the Inn. So He was laid in the Manger and wrapped in the clothes. The cold nights where the Shepherds received the birth of Jesus made the festival to be celebrated in the coldest season of the year. Other Christians following Eastern Orthodox tradition celebrate Christmas on January 7th because it is marked on Armenian Apostolic Church Calendar. The immigrants to Canada mostly mix with Canadian Christians and take part in every blissful moment.
The symbols of Christmas
The different symbols that run around during Christmas include baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Stable, Straw, Angels, Stars, 3 wise men, Xmas Trees, Santa Claus on a reindeer sleigh carrying piles of gifts in a red suit, leaving the stockings filled with candy under the Xmas Tree. The North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD), monitors the aerospace above the United States and Canada also drags their eagle eye on the models of Santa seen leading into Xmas.
Christmas is a holiday in Canada!
The day 25th December is a holiday for all the organizations, ministries (unless involved in emergency and safety services), schools, colleges, Universities, Post Offices and so on. Limited transportation and public stores will be available. Workers are also given an off from their regular course of work during Xmas. Quebec decorates with a long nativity scenes in every home while Labrador in Newfoundland throws up Light-up contest during Christmas. The immigrants to Canada also can observe big ice sculptures of snowman in their gardens at this holiday season.
To know more about immigration to Canada, Tourist Visa Canada, along with the nuances and your eligibility and requirements, and information regarding visa process, expert advice and guidance for visa process contact OM INTERNATIONAL Overseas Education and Immigration Consultant in Gujarat.

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Sunday, 23 December 2018

Enjoy traditional “God Jul” In Sweden This Christmas....... With OM INTERNATIONAL...!!!

Know the Christmas Traditions in Sweden this Holiday!

OM INTERNATIONAL was established in 2001 in Gujarat. It is one of the leading student recruitment companies in India for Overseas Universities and Colleges. And in the last 18 years of our continuous growth strategy. OM INTERNATIONAL caters to Clients needs in career guidance, counselling them and bridging the gap between their academic aspirations and desired University or College of destinations And Emigration.
OM INTERNATIONAL has plans for more tie-ups in 2018 and expanding our Client base. OM INTERNATIONAL VISA CONSULTANCY also sees a burgeoning market for Visa related needs and programs and has a strategy framework it identifies through partnerships and we are looking to expound this space extensively.

Enjoy Christmas Traditions in Sweden
Christmas is a festival that is universally celebrated. Young and old alike joyously take part in the revels and what is more each region and country has its own unique traditions and celebrations associated with Christmas day. We have been sharing with our readers Christmas traditions around the world and are now happy to share the traditions that are followed in Sweden. Any immigrant in Sweden will be amazed and charmed by the beautiful decorations and traditions that are displayed around Christmas time.
Days leading up to Christmas – St Lucia’s Day in Sweden
The most important day before Christmas in Sweden is St. Lucia’s Day or commonly known as St. Lucy’s Day, which falls on December 13th. The celebration is held in honor of young Christian martyr who sacrificed her life for the cause of Christianity. Immigrants will learn about the legend of St Lucia who was persecuted for her faith in the year 305. It is believed that she would carry food in both hands to the persecuted Christians and light candles over her head so that she could see in the dark. Immigrants who are new to the country can be surprised to see many little girls dressing up at St. Lucia by wearing a white dress with a red sash and carrying candles on her head. The girls also adorn their heads with a crown made out of the branches of the Lingonberry tree, which is symbolic of new life. Many towns and villages also hold processions to mark this occasion. A popular dish eaten during this day is known as Lussekatts which are sweet flavored buns, which are traditionally eaten for breakfast. Indeed many immigrants will be amazed to find that Swedish celebrate this festival with as much fervor as the festival of Christmas.
The Advent Season in Sweden
The advent season starts on the fourth Sunday before Christmas. During the advent, immigrants who are new to the country will be surprised to find goats made out of straw standing in front of many Swedish homes. As per tradition, families in Sweden make goats out of straw and keep them near the Christmas tree. Straw is also widely used to decorate the house during the countdown to Christmas so that children are reminded of the fact that Mary gave birth to Jesus in a manger made out of straw. Even Christmas trees are decorated with ornaments made out of straw in this part of the world.
Swedish Christmas Celebrations
On the day of Christmas Eve, the families eat a traditional meal called the jullbord which includes Julskinka, a special ham dish made for Christmas, turkey and roast beef, along with pickles, many different kinds of breads, sausages, rolls and other delicacies. For immigrants who are vegetarian many vegan and vegetarian options are also available among the traditional Christmas fare at bakeries and restaurants. Vegetables such as red cabbage and potatoes are widely served during this holiday. A famous potato dish, called the ‘Janssons Frestelse’ is made out of potatoes baked with cream and onions. Desserts include pastries, and pepparkakor or ginger biscuits as well as a sweet dish made out of rice – ‘risgrynsgröt’ which is very similar to the Indian kheer and will be relished by immigrants from India. It is often eaten in the evening after the exchange of presents among friends and family members.
If you are an immigrant with little children, then you must remember that children will receive presents from Jultomten, (Santa in Swedish) who will bring those presents and treats on the night of Christmas Eve. Many immigrant families choose to follow at least this tradition of Christmas despite their religious leanings so that their children do not feel left out of the festival, which is widely celebrated in Swedish nation.
Christmas day and end of Advent
On Christmas day immigrants will find that most families go to church and spend a quiet day at home with their families and wish each other ‘God Jul’, which is merry Christmas in Swedish. The end of the Christmas season is known as ‘Tjugondag Knut’ or the Twentieth Day of Knut and falls on 13th January. On that day the Christmas tree is dismantled by the members of the family and the leftover sweets and cookies are eaten.
Find more information about Process to Sweden; check your eligibility, documentation and detailed information on visa process, expert advice and guidance for visa process contact OM INTERNATIONAL Overseas Education and Immigration Consultant in Gujarat.

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Wednesday, 19 December 2018

BERLIN – A Students Favorite....OM INTERNATIONAL...!!!

Berlin – Best City for students
Study Abroad in German Top Universities

OM INTERNATIONAL, a pioneer in the field of 'GLOBAL EDUCATION' dispels all the myths usually associated with 'Study Abroad' and has brought the concept of overseas education to the doorstep of every student, by making it affordable & devoid of cumbersome procedures. Its excellent network with the Universities and Colleges across the globe helps us to deliver our best services to our students. OM INTERNATIONAL is a solution-oriented company, with a single mind approach in tailoring career paths to suit individual profiles within the parameters that may prevail in each case. The parameters may be educational, financial or personal.
OM INTERNATIONAL is a finest Visa consultant having expertise in providing quality solutions in visa processing. We are world’s super visa specialist and are assisting people in, fulfilling their dreams of going and setting abroad.
Students who Study abroad can choose Berlin for their study destination. Students from all over the world come to study abroad in this modern city with a fascinating history. The city which is a favorite among students has a number of things to offer to students who come from all over the world to Study Abroad in Germany. We take a look at some of the reasons why Berlin is so popular among the students.

Berlin has many options for students

Berlin offers a number of options for students who wish to Study Abroad in the city. The Humboldt University, Technical University of Berlin, and the Free University of Berlin are among the top 100 Best Universities in the world. All the universities are home to many international students who come to Study Abroad in Germany.

Berlin is a happening city

Berlin is one of the youngest and most happening cities in the world. With the popularity of its universities, it is home to many youngsters who choose this city to study abroad in. The city has many bars and pubs where young graduate students can go for a night out, as well as a plethora of art galleries, museums and historically significant places for the culturally inclined. Students who are the outdoorsy types can opt for the vast green spaces all around the city. Also, students who Study Abroad will find that they have many peers of the same age as many students come from all over the world to experience Studying in Berlin. Most universities share their facilities, which allows students from different universities can meet each other, which ensures that you can make friends from all over the world

The cost of Study Abroad in Berlin is lower than most countries.

Berlin is one of the most affordable cities in the first world. Students who come here from different countries to Study Abroad can enjoy the benefit of studying at highly discounted rates or at no cost at all. Keeping with Germany’s policy of providing university education for free at the university level, many universities in Berlin provide education free of cost or at highly discounted rates.

Students who Study in Berlin can travel free in most places

Another great advantage for students who Study Abroad in Berlin is that they can travel for free all through the city. Students can get a bus pass which they can use for travel from one place to another

Quality of life is amongst the best

Despite the low cost of living in Berlin, the quality of life in this city is amongst the best in the world. Students who Study Abroad in this city can enjoy clean wide roads with well-regulated traffic, continuous water and electricity, efficient waste and sanitation management, high-speed internet, pollution free environment, lots of greens spaces and Quality Health Care.
Another thing that makes Berlin such a great city for students is the sheer number of students. There are four public research universities and 27 private, professional and technical colleges. This means that the student population in Berlin is quite large and the high number of universities that share facilities means that you can meet students who study at other universities.
To know more about Studying in Berlin, and how you can apply to Study Abroad in Germany, get in touch with OM INTERNATIONAL the Best Overseas Education Consultancy in VADODARA GUJARAT.

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Monday, 17 December 2018

Celebrate snowy Christmas in CANADA.... With OM INTERNATIONAL...!!!

Planning to celebrate snowy Christmas in Canada?

OM INTERNATIONAL believes in customized and extensive services to the clients. Experienced professional visa and Immigration expert provides excellent counselling for Admission Opportunities, Visa Guidance, Immigration and Documentation Services. OM INTERNATIONAL Visa consultant has a highly trained, dedicated and hardworking team to give the best solution to Students and Immigration aspirants. OM INTERNATIONAL has separate Departments such as IELTS / PTE/ Spoken English & Personality Development Training, Counselling, Filing, and Operations & Quality Control to provide the Excellent Service to all clients.

Apply for Tourist Visa to Canada for Christmas Holidays
Santa Claus, gifts, candy canes, carols, wreath, advent candles, Christmas tree, decorations, crowded shopping malls, Barkers (people who do street shows), Christmas cookies, Chocolate, Christmas Desserts, Greeting Cards, Xmas lights….Yes, your guess is right! As the world is heading towards Christmas, the most blissful part of Christmas are family reunions. If you are missing your family, kids and relatives living in Canada during Christmas, this blog actually addresses your need in planning to celebrate the White Xmas while you meet them up. Family reunions are most blissful part of Xmas, which leads to be together on New Year’s Eve, which brings a feeling of togetherness, that a family is a structure many people long to have and may not be having one. Christmas is a best time to remind you that God loves each one so much that he planned the family structure and helped us to celebrate the birth of Jesus with that same spirit of togetherness. It’s a great time to travel with Tourist Visa Canada, for a family reunion.

There are many places in Canada to visit with tourist visa Canada, where you are sure and certain of celebrating snowy Xmas. If you are traveling with Canadian Tourist visa, the Northern Ontario, East Coast of Canada, Winnipeg will have snow during the entire season. If someone is planning to travel into a perfect Christmas setting the ideal spots are a few selected places of North America and the prominent of them is Quebec. The city of Quebec welcomes visitors with wide open arms especially during Christmas because it is an interesting place to tour during this particular season. No particular visa for Quebec is required, Canadian visit visa is enough to visit Quebec too.

Many other places during Christmas
Muskoka is a magical place to visit during Xmas. There are winter activities to engage the tourists full of fun and pleasure around the region. Stay cozy sipping hot chocolate near the fire place with good holiday deals in the resort makes your Christmas memorable.
Arrow Head Ice Skating Trail downhill skiing at Hidden valley High Lands Ski Area, Dog Sledding at North Ridge Ranch, Riding on a Horse back, and many more adventurous Christmas activities at the resort

I guess there is no better way to spend Christmas and New Year’s holiday with friends and family at Berry’s bay cottage or beautiful shores of Sparrow Lake in North of Toronto.
Canada Visit Visa helps someone to visit Canada for tourism, business, medical treatment or attending a religious congregation.

General requirements for obtaining Canadian Visit Visa
1.      Provide the proof of having sufficient finances to stay in Canada
2.      No record of criminal offenses
3.      Business visitor visa holders are not allowed to work in Canada during their stay
4.      Invitation letter from friends or family should be submitted if the applicant plans to live with them

For more information on obtaining Canadian Tourist Visa, contact OM INTERNATIONAL Overseas Education & Immigration Consultants for hustle free visa process. Book your appointment today with one of the counselors. Reach the branch in vadodara now!

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